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The regular means of transferring files between smartphones is Bluetooth or apps like WhatsApp for media. However, none of these are fast enough or suitable for large files. If someone wants to wirelessly send a 500MB file to another phone, then bluetooth is too slow for it. You cannot send it over WhatsApp. Xender is one of a kind cross-platform solution. It solves the problem of fast wireless transfers with speeds up to 40Mb/s. Be assured that your files will transfer pretty quickly!

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Transfer files between Android and iPhone

Since Android and iOS are two competing operating systems, therefore, it is impossible to use bluetooth connection. Other options include the likes of WhatsApp, online upload files etc. However, as stated earlier, none of these options are viable enough for large files. Moreover, the transfer rate of these methods is really pathetic. Therefore, use Xender to send files between Android and iPhone. This works for iPad as well.

The only limitation is that you cannot send apps between these two OS. The reason is pretty simple. They are not compatible. Apart from that, share any files like movies, songs, documents, videos. It does not actually use Mobile data or WiFi router. Xender starts its own WiFi hotspot. Other device connects to it. The files are transferred over this connection.


Cross-Platform Transfers

Xender is not limited to Android and iOS only. Use it on Mac and Windows as well. These are the two most common PC operating systems. Unfortunately, these two do not work very well together either. Since Apple is behind both iOS and Mac OS, therefore, the restrictions on it are pretty much at same level of annoying. If someone wants to transfer files from an Android phone to Mac OS via USB cable even, they will run into multiple blocks and end up not using it instead.

Xender gets rid of all issues of this kind. You can just install Xender on PC and on phone both. Or install Xender on Windows and Mac both. Then connect one PC with other. Share files between two devices seamlessly. Share files between any two OS. Whether it is between Android and Mac or iOS and Windows. The unified interface makes it much more easier to manager files.

Share Apps between Android devices

Do you like an app on friend’s phone? or their Bluestacks? Want to install it on your PC too? Just install Xender on both of the systems. Then connect these two with official method. Next up, just drag and drop the app. Xender will handle the rest. From copying to installing, you’ll get the finished product at end.

Normally, when someone wants to share apps, they try to extract APKs separately. Next up, use something like Bluetooth to transfer files. However, this is both tedious and complicated. Use Xender on PC to directly send files from on Android device to another. Be it two phones or between phone and laptop.

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Share files at lightning speed without Internet

The main use of Xender is share files when both sender and receiver are at same place. Therefore, the use of internet would just make no sense. It is both slow and it is possible that it’s not available somewhere. Moreover, if someone is using mobile data, then it may just eat up all the data bucket. Therefore, Xender gets rid of all that you allows you to send files without using internet at all.

It creates a WiFi hotspot and receiving device connects to it. Therefore, the connection speeds are actually insane. The best connection / transfer speed possible right now is 40Mb/s. A movie at size of 1GB would transfer in just few seconds.

Transfer data from old phone to new phone

When switching a phone, the main headache is shifting all the data. The main problem we run into is the fact that data is not centralized. Everything is scattered. Plus, when we eventually come to copy it, where to place it? It is a whole mess. Creating directories and everything. Xender takes care of all of this. It has a special feature called Device replication. It copies everything from contacts to pictures, videos and other stuff.

Make a backup with Xender

This backup feature of Xender is a by-product of its other useful features. Whether thinking of cleaning the phone with factory reset or manual firmware update, make a backup of entire internal storage with Xender. When the phone is factory reset or firmware is flashed, just install Xender again and hit the restore button. It creates a unique backup file that makes the entire process a breeze.

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How to install Xender for PC on Bluestacks/Nox

Use Xender on PC to share Apps and games between phone, tablet, and laptop. This is probably the most popular use for it. Apart from this, download Xender for PC to copy movies, pictures, backup files from phone to PC or vice versa. It is pretty versatile and everyone can find their own use for it. Follow the steps below to get in on your computer.

Follow the steps below to download and install Xender for PC on Windows or Mac OSX.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Install Android Emulator like Bluestacks or Nox

If you are a Windows 10 user, download and install BlueStacks 4. If you are a Mac owner, download and install Nox App Player. After installation, open the emulator on your computer.

Set up Google Account (Optional)

You can skip this step if you do not want to use a Google account. Otherwise, open Bluestacks / Nox. Open Play Store and login with your Google account details.

Start downloading Xender on PC via Play Store

After following step 2, open Play Store, search for Xender and press Enter. Click on Install next to its icon. Now wait for it to install.

Install Xender PC with APK

In order to install Xender on PC manually, download its APK file from any trusted third-party source. Place it anywhere on desktop. Click on Install APK button inside Bluestacks / Nox and select this file.

Start using Xender now!

That’s pretty much it! Now you can enjoy using Xender on laptops and desktop computers. Launch it anytime from the main app drawer in either Android emulator.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more content! Find more apps like Xender in the Tools section of our site.

Xender Official App in Google Play Store.

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