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One of the most iconic first person shooters from console and PC is now available on mobile. PAYDAY Crime War is available to play on both Android and iOS. It offers iconic 4v4 multiplayer shooter battles in well-known locations. The newest thing to be introduced in PAYDAY Crime War is that now players get to play as both Cop and Thief.  

PAYDAY Crime War

PAYDAY Crime War Gameplay mechanics

As anyone would expect, it is an all out multiplayer FPS with several ways and methods to upgrade gear and weapons. In each match, the player either enters as a team of 4 cops or 4 thieves. 

The team of cops has the job of guarding multiple safes throughout the map. The thieves will try to drill holes and take the loot. The more cops manage to delay the thieves and save the loot, more points they get.

On the other hand, thieves have to drill as many safes as possible and take the loot. The more they steal, more points they get. At end of match, the team with most points gets the win.

In the quick play matches, players are randomly placed in either cops or team of thieves. However, we are sure that it will change in future with new game modes.

PAYDAY Crime War for pc win mac

Game modes in PAYDAY Crime War Mobile

The first gameplay that all players come across is a demo. It familiarizes players with controls and how the game is played in general. Moving forward, there is a quick game mode.

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The quick match/game mode puts players in random teams. These matches are not ranked. Therefore, there is possibility of getting matches up against players either above or below your skill level. 

In order to get into the ranked matches, each player has to unlock it by winning 10 quick play matches. This seems fair since it makes sure only those enter this mode that can handle it too. Otherwise, the game experience for new gamers may not be very good.

Other modes include Arcade and Pro mode. We do not have much information about these now. However, it seems like PAYDAY Crime War eSports is very likely, thanks to Pro mode. 

PAYDAY Crime War for pc win 10

PAYDAY Crime War Android/iOS Graphics

Well, you;d be surprised by how much detail the developers have put into it. Surprisingly, PAYDAY Crime War Android and iOS version offer a 60 FPS option with high quality graphics. This feature is pretty self explanatory and much appreciated.

Even though the graphics of PAYDAY Crime War are not comparable to the console or PC version, but it still does pack a punch! For small screens, it seems perfect. You can have a great experience playing this shooter on likes of Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and OnePlus 6. Other phones of this capability can also run PAYDAY Crime War at 60 FPS.

However, for those whose phones cannot handle PAYDAY Crime War at high graphics settings, should resort to playing PAYDAY Crime War for PC. This allows playing the mobile game on laptops and computers with much better hardware. Later on this article, learn how to do so.

PAYDAY Crime War for pc bluestacks

How to play PAYDAY Crime War for PC on Win & Mac

In order to download and install PAYDAY Crime War on PC, follow the steps mentioned below. The first requirement is an Android emulator. There are a couple that can handle this perfectly. The recommended one for this is Bluestacks 3. However, we have compiled a list of emulators that can run PAYDAY Crime War on laptops and computers. Have a look!

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Once the Android emulator is up and running, download PAYDAY Crime War APK from any trusted source. If someone does not want to opt for this, then login into emulator’s Android OS with Google Account. Then go ahead and search for “PAYDAY Crime War” in Google Play Store. Tap on install button and let the installation complete.

Launch PAYDAY Crime War from the app drawer in your respective emulator’s app drawer. This is basically it. Enjoy smashing cops (or thieves) in PAYDAY Crime War for PC on Windows and Mac systems. Have fun!

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