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Want to listen to latest music? Wanna access the latest Top Charts and even download those songs to your device? Well, SONGily has got you covered. This is the official application of It is specifically designed for music lovers and audiophiles. After using SONGily App we can say this for sure that it is 100% one of the best apps in its genre out there. It offers as very simple to use UI. Moreover, there is a humongous music library. SONGily for pc

Access latest music and Top Charts

As soon as you open the SONGily App, it greets with Top Charts page. For a new user, it is the best feature. Especially when someone is not sure what they want to listen to, just listen to what everyone else is loving! Moreover, use search feature to get a list of all songs that match with that title.

SONGily App contains not only the original songs, but it contains remixes as well. Since most of the remixes are generated by non-professional music artists, some of these can be a little unpleasant. However, with good enough searching skills, you can always find great music on this app.

Download any song for free on SONGily

Yes! This is true. The users of SONGily App are free to download almost any song onto their devices. Some of the songs are restricted from downloading by their respective owners. However, you can still listen to these songs for free anytime. Similarly, some of the songs are not available to play online but you can always download them. Since this feature is in its beta phase, therefore we forgive marginal mistakes.SONGily for pc laptop

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The download process is pretty simple. Either choose a song from Top Charts playlist or just search for a song. Then click on download icon on right side. It should be next to Play button (if playing of that song is supported). Otherwise, you may only see the download button.

The downloads progress is shown in notification bar. All downloaded songs go straight into the “Downloads” folder. This is the default folder for all Android devices. Move the songs to any other folder afterwards.

It is simple and easy to use

Yes, you read that right. SONGily is not a complicated media application. It is as simple as they come. Nothing more, nothing less. It does what is says and it does that very efficiently. SONGily is not a dedicated media player. However, you can still stream songs on it. But the main purpose of this app is to download songs to Android for SONGily for PC

How to install SONGily for PC on Laptop

To put it in simple words, SONGily is the best app to download songs on Android for free. It is simple, to the point and without bugs. Therefore, learn how to install SONGily on laptops and desktop computers too. The first requirement is to get an Android emulator. The most reliable emulators to use SONGily for PC are listed HERE. Go through this list and choose the best one for yourself.

Once done, choose whether to install SONGily for PC via APK or Play Store. Former method requires downloading SONGily APK from a third-party source. Otherwise, just login to Play Store, search for “SONGily” and click on Install.

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Once all steps are done, you should be playing SONGily for PC on laptops and computers alike. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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