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Get your squad ready and match up against other hooligans in a classic cowboy-themed strategy game. Pocket Cowboys is a real-time multiplayer game with 4 players on each time. In each match, 2 teams face off in a 2-3 min deathmatch. Both teams take their turn in launching attacks. The team that is most cohesive and knows their tactics the best, will take the crown in end. Learn how to download Pocket Cowboys for PC and install it on laptops and computers. Let’s take a closer look at its features first.

Play in Squads of 4

Pocket Cowboys is actually a turn-based strategy game. It’s gameplay is very similar to the likes of Clash Royale. However, instead of just 1v1, it is actually a 4v4. This is probably first of its kind where huge multiplayer option is available for such a fast-paced and small game. The fun of playing this game is that you match up with strangers from all over the world. Online gaming is one of the best places to meet fun people and have a good laugh.

Pocket Cowboys for pc

The gameplay mechanics are quite unique too. In total, there are over 12 classes in Pocket Cowboys. Note that each class is free to unlock. Therefore, no pay to win here. When the game starts, each player in squad readies up their move in secret. Once all 4 are ready, their moves launch at once. Now it up to the team to streamline their strategic attacks to maximize chances of winning.

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Unlock Character Classes and Skills

At start, 12 free to unlock character classes are available. These include the likes of Demolitionist, Sniper, Trapper, Hermit, Marauder, Bandit and more. More classes to be added later on. Consequently, each character class possesses a unique set of unlockable skills. In addition to the skills, you get new weapons and gear. These weapons are unlocked by collecting more rewards at end of each battle.

Pocket Cowboys for pc laptop

In order to maximize the rewards, build a kill streak. Higher the streak, more wanted your character will be. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of getting super rewards and power-ups.

In order to keep gamers interested, the devs introduce weekly and daily events. This is a nice opportunity for both gaining high rank on leaderboards and some extra rewards. The in-game events like dust storm make sure that each game ends in designated time. The players cannot take a deathmatch beyond pre-decided 3 minutes. This makes thing even more interesting since players have to think fast. This could ensure both genius and lame moments.

Lastly, we have over 8 wild west themed maps. Each map provides or adds a unique gameplay element. It depends on the players how they react to it and use it to their advantage.

Pocket Cowboys for pc windows

How to install Pocket Cowboys for PC

Note that it is in fact an Android game. Therefore, we require Android Emulator to play Pocket Cowboys for PC. In this case, there is a list of compatible and lightweight emulators that will run Pocket Cowboys on PC. Go though the list HERE and choose one for yourself.

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Next up, either install Pocket Cowboys PC via APK or just download it from Play Store. In order to install it with APK, download it from a reliable source and place it anywhere on computer. Then open the installed Emulator. Bluestacks 4 is the best option for it so use it as an example. Open Bluestacks, click on Install APK button. Explore the folders and open the directory with Pocket Cowboys APK in it. Double click on it and it will install automatically. Alternatively, just login with Google account in Bluestacks, open Play Store and search for “Pocket Cowboys”. Now click on Install button next to its icon.

Once Pocket Cowboys is installed, open the main app drawer and click on its icon! That’s it! Those who install Pocket Cowboys APK on PC, need to update it manually whenever a new update hits Play Store. However, the Google users will automatically get all the updates.

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