Download tTorrent Lite for PC using Bluestacks

Torrents, P2P connections, free downloads. All of these are pretty familiar words for any internet users in year 2019. This technology has grown to a massive scale since it was first conceived. tTorrent Lite is a dedicated P2P downloader aka Torrent Client for Android. It is free to use and it has no time limit or download limit. Download any file, and of any size. It does not matter where you are using it. All you need is a good enough internet connection and Voila! You are set for endless hours of *free* entertainment.tTorrent Lite for pc bluestacks

Create and share your own torrents

Get free tools to create and share your own torrent directly from tTorrent App. It is super easy to understand. Therefore, literally anyone can use it. Either use this option to share files with your friends and family or just share something with rest of the world. It is up to you.

App Usability Features

A very wanted feature of tTorrent Lite is the ability to choose selected files for download. Sometimes, a torrent has multiple files for download. tTorrent Lite allows its users to select only the files that they want to download. It eliminates unnecessary time to complete torrent downloading as well as use less space.tTorrent Lite for pc

The Streaming Mode in tTorrent Lite is another thing to note! Well, this feature allows us to not wait for a media file to download before we can watch it. It is also known as sequential download. Unlike traditional torrent downloading, it downloads files in sequence. Therefore, the users can also watch the movie or TV Show while it is downloading. A very popular app based on it was Popcorn Time.

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Set the app to WiFi only mode if your device continuously shifts between 4G and WiFi. It’s going to save lot of hassle at user’s end. Lastly, change the labels as well as download location of torrents. This is a must have feature since lot of torrents have bizarre titles initially.tTorrent Lite for pc laptop

How to install tTorrent Lite for PC

Installing tTorrent for PC requires two main steps. The first step is to set up and Android emulator. Since there are so many options out there, we have compiled a list of most suitable emulators to run tTorrent on laptops and computers. Check the list HERE. Once the emulator is installed on your machine, move on to next step.

Next up, choose whether to install tTorrent on PC via Play Store or APK. The former method works only for those who have; 1: A Google account set up on Emulator and 2: tTorrent is available in their region’s Play Store. In this case, just open Play Store inside emulator and search for “tTorrent”. Click on Install next to correct icon. If this method does not work for you, then download tTorrent APK from a respectable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Open Bluestacks or any other emulator you have installed, click on “Install APK” and navigate to the folder when APK was placed. Double click on it and it should install now.

That’s how you get tTorrent for PC on Windows or Mac PC. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Share any queries here too.

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