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WhatsApp is the best and most widely used messenger app in world right now. It has best interface, no questions asked! However, with release of WhatsApp Web, new opportunities came over. Whether you want to monitor child’s WhatsApp account, or just use same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, it’s the solution. For the first time, there is an app that allows using same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. Lets say someone has an Android phone, an iPad and a laptop. That person wants to use same WhatsApp account on all of these devices. It’s possible because of Whatscan for WhatsApp. This app uses WhatsApp Web for its own benefit. Here is how it works.

WhatsApp Web allows users to login to web browser by scanning QR code. Form that point onwards, all messages are sent from mobile phone to the web client directly. Every chat is received on both devices. Moreover, images, videos and status are viewable across both devices. Users may also upload images and videos from either devices. Whatscan for WhatsApp extends this concept. It is a web client based app made for Android and iOS both. Basically, this app simulates a web browser in phone application. Therefore, scan the QR code using phone on this app and it will work like a WhatsApp Web client. It has all the functions like chatting, sending receiving images, videos, voice notes and changing / viewing statuses.

There are several uses for Whatscan for WhatsApp. Parents can monitor WhatsApp accounts of their children. Moreover, any user can open same account on multiple devices at any time. However, the main condition for it to work is that main device with WhatsApp installed should always be connected to internet. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, it must be connected to internet. Just like tablets, Whatscan for WhatsApp for PC is an amazing option to have. Previously, using WhatsApp on PC was a hassle. This app makes it pretty straightforward to use it. No need to enter phone number or verify it.

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download Whatscan for WhatsApp for pc

In order to install Whatscan for WhatsApp for PC, either use Blusestacks 3 for Windows or Bluestacks for Mac. Moreover, download its APK from a trusted source or just install directly from Play Store. The system on which its installed, must sport Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X. Below are the steps to install and use Whatscan for WhatsApp on laptops and desktops PCs.

How to Download and Install Whatscan for WhatsApp for PC

  1. If you are using Windows, downloadand install BlueStacks 3.
  2. If you are using Mac, download and install BlueStacks.
  3. Setup your installed emulator according to the instructions explained in the guides.
  4. Now open BlueStacks or BlueStacks 3.
  5. Mac users: For BlueStacks, click on the Search icon and type the name as “Whatscan for WhatsApp and then click on the Search using Google Play. Upon finding the app in Play Store, install it.
  6. Windows users: For BlueStacks 3, click on My Apps > System Apps > Google Play Store.
  7. In the Google Play Store’s search bar, type “Whatscan for WhatsApp” and search. As soon as the app appears, install it.
  8. After the installation comes to an end, the app will appear in My Apps tab of BlueStacks 3 and All Apps tab of BlueStacks.
  9. You can now launch the app and follow the instructions given on the screen to play it. That’s all.

How to install Whatscan for WhatsApp for PC using APK

  • Download and save Whatscan for WhatsApp APK on your PC. (Download from a trusted source)
  • If you are using Windows, download and install BlueStacks 3.
  • If you are using Mac, download and install BlueStacks.
  • Setup your installed emulator according to the instructions explained in the guides. Now open BlueStacks or BlueStacks 3.
  • On Windows, double-click on downloaded Whatscan for WhatsApp APK icon.
  • Select Bluestacks 3 as preferred app to open it (if it’s not already selected).
  • It will be installed automatically and you will receive notification when done.
  • Open Bluestacks 3 and click on Whatscan for WhatsApp icon. It’s now available for use.
  • On Mac, install Dropbox on Bluestacks using Play Store.
  • Open same Dropbox account on your browser or Mac and upload Whatscan for WhatsApp APK there.
  • Now open Bluestacks, download APK onto emulator and install it using Android’s APK installer.
  • Once done, you will find in the app drawer.
  • That’s it! Now you can use Whatscan for WhatsApp for pc on Windows as well as Mac.
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Whatscan for WhatsApp for pc: Google Play Store

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