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Welcome to a game that is forged by the combined efforts of humans and dragons. Apparently, the human characters in Dragalia Lost can convert into dragons mid-battle and blaze their enemies into oblivion. Dragalia Lost is an action-RPG. It follows the traditional lore of dragons and great war creatures. The world of Dragalia Lost is immense and contains huge array of characters and quests to look forward to.

Dragalia Lost for pc


The genre of Dragalia Lost is Action-RPG. Lets break it down first. And did we forget to mention that it offers swipe controls? Well, that is a plus point since it makes playing game way convenient. 

The camera angle is from the top. All characters appear like miniatures. However, it is all for the overall good. The gameplay is basically all out hack’n’slash. Therefore, more real estate to work with is good. 

Players launch attacks on enemies using swipe controls and can see how much damage is dealt in real time. The damage is shown in numbers. It is a great thing to have in game of this sort. It shows how effective on ineffective a weapon, ability or tool is.

During fights, characters can turn into dragons themselves and wipe out enemies in a fit of rage. There is a lot of content to work with. This is what a RPG should be like and we are loving it!

Dragalia Lost for pc win mac


The overall visual experience is as good as anyone would expect. It is up to par with all modern titles. Therefore, nothing to should about.

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However, the developers have given special attention to the sound effects. The background music is produced by DAOKO. She is a Japanese artist. Moreover, there are over 60 voiced characters places all over the map. They will aid you in quests during the gameplay.

Since this game requires pretty intense hardware, therefore, under powered phone may struggle in running it. The best alternative is playing Dragalia Lost for PC on laptops and computers. Their hardware easily covers for it. Learn how to install Dragalia Lost on laptops and computers later on.

Dragalia Lost for pc bluestacks

How to install Dragalia Lost for PC on Windows and Mac

In order to install Dragalia Lost for PC, download an Android emulator first. The most suitable emulator is Bluestacks 3. However, we have compiled a list of top 10 emulators that can run Dragalia Lost on computer HERE. Go through this list and download the one that works for you.

Once the installation is done, choose whether to install Dragalia Lost on PC via APK or Play Store. In order to use former method, download Dragalia Lost APK from a third party source and sideload it on emulator. In order to do so, simple open the downloaded APK file with emulator as preferred application. It will install itself.

The latter method requires you to login with Google account in Android OS. Next up, open Google Play Store and search for “Dragalia Lost”. Click on Install next to its icon. 

If you do not see Dragalia Lost in Play Store the “This app is incompatible with your devices error”, then use the APK method. There is not workaround.

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Well, that’s that. Now go ahead and enjoy Dragalia Lost for PC on laptops and computers. Good luck!

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