Download The Elder Scrolls Blades for PC Win 7/8/10

The royal and elite agents “The blades” are thrown out into exile. When they return to their hometown, it is destroyed and seems long forgotten. It is not up to you to restore this forgotten town back to its glory! Crawl through several dungeons, complete missions and objectives and collect various items to built the city of dreams. The Elder Scrolls Blades is a mobile platformer with amazing online multiplayer gameplay. Learn how to install and play The Elder Scrolls Blades for PC on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Compete in Arena Battles

Just like any other Elder Scrolls title, each player start from rock bottom. You choose a class of warrior and build all the skills and weapons from there. In order to prove to friends and random people online, take your character into arena. Here, you get to face other players from all over the world. Moreover, earn sweet rewards for conquering in the most feared battle arena of all time.

download The Elder Scrolls Blades for pc

Both friends and random strangers may compete in The Elder Scrolls Blades Battle arena. Just make sure that your character is strong enough to face unknown challenges. Facing real humans is far different compared to AI. Everyone is unpredictable. The difficulty levels gets higher as the power levels of your opponents increases.

Rebuild the City upgrade your Character

One returning to the hometown, your character finds out that it is completely devastated. This automatically puts you in the position to fix everything and bring back the glory days. Earn and discover unique rewards, tools and materials in dungeons to build the city your own way. It serves as the base of all operation from here onwards.

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Similarly, use the tools and skill points to upgrade power level of your main character. Acquire or build new tools and weapons to take down the prying enemies. Get special armours, swords and magical spells hidden throughout kingdom.

How to install The Elder Scrolls Blades for PC

Note that it is in fact an Android game. Therefore, we require Android Emulator to play The Elder Scrolls Blades for PC. In this case, there is a list of compatible and lightweight emulators that will run The Elder Scrolls Blades on PC. Go though the list HERE and choose one for yourself.

Next up, either install The Elder Scrolls Blades PC via APK or just download it from Play Store. In order to install it with APK, download it from a reliable source and place it anywhere on computer. Then open the installed Emulator. Bluestacks 4 is the best option for it so use it as an example. Open Bluestacks, click on Install APK button. Explore the folders and open the directory with The Elder Scrolls Blades APK in it. Double click on it and it will install automatically. Alternatively, just login with Google account in Bluestacks, open Play Store and search for “The Elder Scrolls Blades”. Now click on Install button next to its icon.

Once The Elder Scrolls Blades is installed, open the main app drawer and click on its icon! That’s it! Those who install The Elder Scrolls Blades APK on PC, need to update it manually whenever a new update hits Play Store. However, the Google users will automatically get all the updates.

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