Download VPNHub for PC and Laptop

This is the guide to download VPNHub for PC. Say goodbye to internet limits with the VPNHub for PC app. You can run this on Windows 10 and macOS. VPNHub is a free unlimited VPN available for different operating systems.

VPNHub for PC
Running VPNHub for PC on Windows via BlueStacks

VPNHub – Best Free Unlimited VPN – Secure WiFi Proxy

There are thousands of VPNs available at the moment, and all those VPNs have the same functionality nonetheless. What really sets a VPN apart from other VPNs is its ability to remove the limits set on your internet connection. The VPNHub is built to give you the best possible experience. The creators of this VPN are not unknown to anyone, so keeping in view the track record of the company, you can expect a great result from their VPN app.

The VPNHub is a specialized VPN to unblock all the websites that are either blocked by your ISP or the site maker itself has not made it accessible in your region. All the geo-restrictions can be bypassed by pressing that connect button in the VPNHub app.

VPNHub for PC

It replaced your current IP address with the IP of one of its servers. To do this, the VPNHub app has hundreds of servers placed all over the world. It makes you identity on the internet completely anonymous. If anyone wants to track your online activity, the VPNHub will keep that person away. It protects your data and privacy at its best.

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VPNHub is also good when you are connected to a WiFi Public Hotspot. Those are vulnerable connections. To keep your data safe, you must use an app like VPNHub. Even if you are using any other unsafe WiFi connection, the VPNHub app will add an additional layer of security over your current connection.

This app brings military-grade encryption on-board. The highest concentration of VPNHub’s server is in the United States. The app supports global video streaming. It has servers in over 60 different countries. VPNHub supports multiple devices at the same time. It further has zero data gaps.

The app is compatible with all browsers.

VPNHub originally launched as an Android app, the app, later on, made its way to other platforms. You can now run VPNHub for PC as well. It has a desktop app that does its job pretty well. You can definitely run the desktop app without any hassle, but this tutorial is to run the Android version of VPNHub on a computer. Take a look at the steps below now.


Download VPNHub for PC

  1. Open BlueStacks on your computer and sign in.
  2. Now open the Play Store inside BlueStacks and search for the VPNHub app.
  3. As you find the app, install it.
  4. Launch VPNHub and connect it.
  5. Now open the Chrome browser inside the BlueStacks and open any website that didn’t load in your region previously.
  6. It will run flawlessly this time.
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VPNHub for PC
Using free VPNHub for PC on my Windows 10 PC.

Final Words

When the desktop app is available, what’s the catch in installing the VPNHub Android app for PC? Well, the desktop app is completely premium. You cannot use it for free, while the Android version of this app can be used for free. When you launch this app for the first time, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Use free for now” and you will be able to enjoy a few of VPNHub’s servers for free. Also, the effects of VPNHub will remain inside BlueStacks only.

For any questions/queries, use the comment section below.

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