Download Castro for PC on Windows & Laptop

Follow this tutorial to download Castro for PC. The Castro for PC can be downloaded on Windows 10 and macOS. Before you download this app, let me tell you its purpose.

Castro for PC


Castro is a real-time information monitoring system for computing devices. It keeps an eye on the hardware and software of a device and shows you the real-time status. This is a great application to look into the internals of a phone or a computer. This app displays the most accurate data regarding a device. With Castro, you can learn all about the device that you have never learned before. It’s not like other applications showing you the tech-specs, it actually pulls out the technology placed inside a gadget.

Castro for PC

First of all, Castro displays the processor usage and the GPU usage of a device. It shows you what apps are consuming what amount of resources. It has a battery monitoring system that also shows you the exact amount of battery being eaten by a specific resource. With Castro, you can monitor the Wi-Fi and mobile data usage too. If you want to find out what sensor your camera is using, do so using Castro. It also displays a full list of codecs supported by a device. DRM and Bluetooth information is also accessible in this browser. 

Castro also brings some tools to test the screen, sensors, and some hardware aspects of a device. You can extract the information collected by Castro in the form ot TXT, CSV and the PDF files. If you odn’t want to expose some information about a device, you can hide that. 

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This is definitely a tool developed for advanced users. If you happen to be a technology geek who wants to keep an eye on each and every single metric of a phone/computer, this is the app you need.

Castro for PC

Now Castro is a phone application available for free in the Play Store. You can download Castro for PC using the BlueStacks emulator and take a look at the internals of the BlueStacks. We all know that BlueStacks is a resource-hungry application, thus, the Castro app gives you an opportunity to take a look at what the BlueStacks is exactly doing in a device. You can know all about the architecture and the internal systems of the emulator with the help of this application. I gave Castro a try and it displayed every bit of information about the emulator and that’s when I decided to do this tutorial. Go ahead, take a look at the requirements below and then the steps to install Castro for PC.


Download Castro for PC

  1. First of all, open the BlueStacks and sign in.
  2. Now open the Play Store inside BlueStacks.
  3. Using the search bar, find the Castro app.
  4. As you find it, install it.
  5. Now open Castro in BlueStacks.
  6. Start looking into the core-details of the emulator now.
Running Castro for PC in the BlueStacks emulator.

Final Words

Now that you have installed Castro for PC, monitor the BlueStacks closely. If you find something weird going on, you have the opportunity to fix it. Just in case you run into problems while setting up the emulator or downloading the Castro app on a computer, feel free to reach out to us using the comment section below or our contact us page. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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