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Three years after the initial release of addictive dungeon hunting game, the devs have released its sequel in MU Origin 2. It follows the same footsteps as the first iteration but more refined and better-looking. Overall, MU Origin 2 is a massive improvement over its first installment. Since the core of this game was dungeon exploring, therefore, we still have that. It is more intense than ever. We get a ton of new maps to explore, puzzles to solve and bosses to beat. Follow the steps below to learn how to install MU Origin 2 for PC. This works for both Windows and Mac systems.

Choose a warrior class

At the beginning of game, there are three main options to choose from: Elf, Dark Wizard and Dark Knight. Pretty clear by the names, these three classes offer unique kind of combat styles. Moreover, you get different equipment, power and weapons in future. The Elf is more about long distance battle with bit of magic. The Wizard is all about magic spells and both long and mid-range battles. However, dark knight is suitable for players that love to get fully involved in battles. Dark Knight is agile and deadly in close combat. Therefore, you get the fun of swinging swords and facing the enemies upfront.

download MU Origin 2 for pc

All three main classes present very unique styles of battle. Before making one your default, make sure to give each one a go. Only those players that choose the best class based on their playing preference, can truly thrive. For now, there are only three classes. However, the devs may decide to add more classes in future. That’d make the game even more interesting and unpredictable.

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Explore the Dungeons or 1v1 against other players

The beauty of MU Origin 2 is that there is always something to do. The basic gist of a MMORPG game is to explore and making new friends (and enemies too). Before getting all cranky and getting into fights, make sure to upgrade your character’s level, get high-end weapons and make your pet stronger. Otherwise, there is a good chance a complete stranger may whoop your ass in the 1v1 arena of MU Origin 2.

Either battle as team against teams or just challenge players to a 1v1 in the arena. Either way, you get to face off against numerous players from all over the world. In this process, people make a lot of good friends online and then they can explore dungeons and beat bosses together.

mu origin 2 for pc

How to install MU Origin 2 for PC

Note that it is in fact an Android game. Therefore, we require Android Emulator to play MU Origin 2 for PC. In this case, there is a list of compatible and lightweight emulators that will run MU Origin 2 on PC. Go though the list HERE and choose one for yourself.

Next up, either install MU Origin 2 PC via APK or just download it from Play Store. In order to install it with APK, download it from a reliable source and place it anywhere on computer. Then open the installed Emulator. Bluestacks 4 is the best option for it so use it as an example. Open Bluestacks, click on Install APK button. Explore the folders and open the directory with MU Origin 2 APK in it. Double click on it and it will install automatically. Alternatively, just login with Google account in Bluestacks, open Play Store and search for “MU Origin 2”. Now click on Install button next to its icon.

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Once MU Origin 2 is installed, open the main app drawer and click on its icon! That’s it! Those who install MU Origin 2 APK on PC, need to update it manually whenever a new update hits Play Store. However, the Google users will automatically get all the updates.

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