Download Puffin Web Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

The main function of a web browser is to surf web pages, download some stuff and watch some videos on the web. This is one of the most used apps on every platform out there. Whatever you want to do on internet, a web browser is probably required for it. Unlike the traditional browsers, Puffin Web Browser is on a whole another level. On the outside, it may appear as another regular web browser with promises of super fast loading speeds. However, it is not just about speed. The additional features in Puffin Web Browser make it one of the best choices ever! Learn how to download and install Puffin Web Browser for PC on both Windows and Mac OSX.

Puffin Web Browser Features

This browser app delivers super-fast speeds with the help of cloud services. Unlike most client-based browsers, the loads of super heavy webpages is shifted to cloud. Therefore, your device and internet connection do not become a hindrance in speed loading. While it may seem just like a speed feature, it is actually more than that. Since all pages load in the cloud. therefore, even if someone is restricted or a webpage does not load due to some sort of geo-restriction, it can be opened in the cloud. However, note that since it loads sites in US data centers, if a site is restricted in that region, it may not load in cloud either.

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Puffin Web Browser for pc

Another noteworthy feature is the addition of Flash player. This is also a faster than normal version. The content can be loaded via flash. Therefore, you save a lot of bandwidth and stuff seems to load faster. Now a days, the flash is mainly used on some streaming sites or online game sites. Otherwise, it is an obsolete technology and nobody seems to use it anymore.

When playing games on Puffin Web Browser, get a built-in virtual gamepad. This makes gaming more fun and it feels more native rather than feeling heavy and hard to settle.

How to install Puffin Web Browser for PC

Go ahead and install an Android emulator first. The best emulators are listed HERE. Check this out and select the best one for yourself.

Once done, choose whether to install Puffin Web Browser for PC via APK or Play Store. In case of former method, download Puffin Web Browser APK. Otherwise, login to Play Store, search for “Puffin Web Browser” and click on Install.

That’s pretty much how to get Puffin Web Browser for PC.

Puffin Web Browser for PC Video

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