Download X-VPN for PC – Win 7/8/10 & Mac 2020

Think about it. If you are at an airport, sending an important E-Mail using public WiFi and someone intercepts that data. It could turn out ugly. To keep yourself form these kind of attacks and more, using VPN is necessary. It offers all round protection against several online threats. X-VPN is a free to use VPN application with tons of features.

X-VPN for pc

Unblock sites with X-VPN PC

Whether social websites or just random site, X-VPN can unlock it all! It works anywhere. Whether the website owner has geo restricted the site or your own region is blocking it, get access to all content. 

Moreover, with the help of super fast dedicated servers, X-VPN users do not have to worry about lag when streaming content. This is especially useful when using services like Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube and others.

If a government has blocked sites like Facebook, then unblock it using X-VPN free app. Get unlimited usage and access instantly.

Protect Online Privacy with X-VPN for PC

Whether someone wants to hide their location, IP Address, or just encrypt all the traffic, X-VPN has got it all covered. 

It offers plethora of security oriented features that make entire experience secure. Moreover, it offers great protection when using public WiFi hotspots. 

X-VPN also offers up to 8 protocols to choose from. Each VPN protocol has its unique pros and cons. Someone with acute knowledge of this field can easily meddle with it and get the most out of application.

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How to install X-VPN for PC on Win/Mac

Installing X-VPN for PC on a laptop or desktop computers is a two step process. First step requires installing and deploying an Android emulator. The best example is Bluestacks 3. However, you should go through the list mentioned HERE and select the best possible emulator for yourself.

Once the emulator is up and running, choose whether to install X-VPN on PC via APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading APK from a third party source. Once downloaded, just open it with emulator as preferred app. It will install automatically and be available in app drawer.

Latter method requires user to login with Google credentials in Android OS of emulator. Once logged in, open Play Store and search for “X-VPN”. Click on Install next to its icon. 

Once X-VPN for PC is up and running, use it just like you’d use on a phone. Pretty simple, isn’t it!

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