Download Vimage for PC on Windows 10 & macOS

Take a look at the easiest guide to download Vimage for PC. The Vimage for PC can be installed on Windows 7/8/10 and macOS. 


Vimage, short for Video-Image, is a photo-editing tool meant to bring your pictures back to life. The Vimage app adds motion and animation to photos. The app is loaded with dozens of animations, elements, effects, and filters to give you pictures of a lively effect. Vimage is very basic to use when you open the application, you can load an image to edit. After adding the image, you can start adding elements.

Vimage for PC

Elements are further divided into multiple categories including birds, food, objects, things, plants, smoke & dust, etc. You can also add multiple overlays to change the look of the background in an image. Upon exploring the application, I found the airplane effect which basically makes a plan approach the screen from a far distance. This was one of the coolest effects in the Vimage application.

Vimage is extremely easy when it comes to editing pro-level pictures. All the elements and effects can be dragged anywhere on the screen. The app itself is also capable of capturing the pictures. If you don’t already have a picture in your device, capture it on the go and edit it. Vimage exports the pictures in the form of small video clips or in the GIF format. These formats are supported by all social media platforms, so feel free to share your pictures wherever you want. 

Vimage for PC

Vimage calls the moving pictures “Cinemagraphs”. The best use of this application is when you want to move a particular object in a picture keeping the entire picture intact. Consider a scenario with a picture of a metropolitan city with a lot of buildings standing tall. You can add smoke to one of the chimneys of these buildings and it would look as if it’s a video clip. 

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The best part about Vimage? A large part of this application is entirely free. 

Now obviously Vimage is built for phones (Find in Play Store for Android) and doesn’t have a desktop version, but with this guide, you can download it on a PC. I’m going to show you the steps to download and use Vimage for PC via BlueStacks Android Emulator.


Download Vimage for PC

These are the steps to download Vimage for PC.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1

Open BlueStacks on your computer and log in.

Step 2

Open the Play Store in BlueStacks.

Step 3

Find Vimage in Play Store using the search bar.Vimage for PC

Step 4

Install Vimage now.

Step 5

After the installation ends, open Vimage on your computer.

Step 6

Edit the photos and export them to your computer. That’s all.Vimage for PC

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All the photos that you will edit in Vimage using BlueStacks, they will be saved inside the BlueStacks’s storage. These images can be exported into your WindowS PC using BlueStack’s import/export option. Vimage is a very versatile application so take your time to understand it before you unlock its true potential. If you have any questions related to Vimage for PC or the BlueStacks emulator, feel free to reach out to us using the comment section below. I will try my best to reach back ASAP.

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