How to use Xfinity Stream outside US – Xfinity Stream Abroad

Want to watch Xfinity Stream while you are outside the US? Well, you are in the right place. You will find the method here to watch Xfinity Stream outside US.

Comcast is a well-known company in US. It extended its horizons with the release of Xfinity network. It is an internet / TV streaming service. The advantage of using this network is that it offers all benefits under a single subscription. Users get access to internet services, instant TV, and even Xfinity Stream App.Xfinity Stream outside US.

The issues

The company claims that customers can watch Xfinity Stream via Xfinity Stream App “anywhere”. There is a slight lack of information here. The real answer is that customers can watch it anywhere inside US, Alaska and Hawaii.

If someone is traveling abroad / outside US, then online streaming service is blocked. The only way to watch these shows is by downloading them for offline viewing before traveling.

While the download option is good for few days at best. It is not good enough if someone is traveling for a long time and staying in another country. They are unable to watch Xfinity Stream Live TV or on-demand shows anywhere outside US.

This guide is going to focus on making the lives of those people easier who want to use Xfinity Stream overseas.

The Solution

Since the content of Xfinity Stream is blocked for use inside US only, therefore we have to use a workaround for it to work. Somehow, users have to show themselves as they are inside US while they are actually not there.

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This is achieved by using Virtual Private Network. This is commonly known as VPN. The benefit of using a VPN is that users can trick Xfinity into thinking that they are still in US while they are actually not.

VPN unlocks blocked content from anywhere in the world! In order to unlock Xfinity Stream content outside of US, use the instructions given below.

Watch Xfinity Stream outside US – Instructions for PC Users

If you have not already installed Xfinity Stream App on your laptop or computer, then follow this guide:

How to install Xfinity Stream App on PC

Now just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for NordVPN HERE.
  2. It is one of the best VPNs out there that provides military level protection. Moreover it offers 7 Day Free trial. It is pretty cheap as well 😉
  3. Next up, open Bluestacks on your PC.
  4. Open Play Store by clicking on the icon as shown in this to use xfinity stream outside us abroad
  5. Now click on search bar and type “NordVPN”.
  6. Click on the correct result as shown here.use vpn with Xfinity Stream outside us
  7. Then click on vpn for Xfinity Stream outside us
  8. Once installed, head over to app drawer, open NordVPN and login with the account that you created earlier.
  9. Once done, search for United States as shown this picture.
  10. Connect to US server by tapping on it.use Xfinity Stream with vpn outside us
  11. That’s it!
  12. Now you are free to use Xfinity Stream outside US anytime, anywhere!

Watch Xfinity Stream outside US – Instructions for Android/iOS users

  1. Sign up for NordVPN HERE.
  2. It is one of the best VPNs out there that provides military-level protection. Moreover, it offers a 7 Day Free trial. It is pretty cheap as well 😉
  3. Download NordVPN from Play Store and log in with the account that you created earlier.
  4. Next up, search for the United States server in the list.
  5. Tap on it.Xfinity Stream app mobile vpn
  6. Once you receive the notification for a successful connection, go to the next step.
  7. Now open Xfinity Stream App from the app drawer and start using it.
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That’s pretty much how to use Xfinity Stream abroad (outside the US anywhere). Just make sure that you have a decent internet connection with unlimited or large download limit for it.

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