How to Play Among US for PC – Windows 10, Mac

Download Among Us on PC and Mac to travel to the depths of outer space to live on a space station. Life on the space station is busy. The entire crew has a specific set of tasks and missions to complete in order to finish their day.

Among US on PC

About Among Us PC app

Among Us for PC is a strategy game where crew-mates prepare their space ship for launch by completing tasks. However, one of the players is an impostor intent on sabotaging the ship and killing the crew. As the game progresses in real-time the impostor carefully picks off players, who can then pause the game for an emergency meeting to discuss and vote traitors off the ship.

The curiosity here is that you don’t know who the traitor is so it becomes a game of smartness as much as action. You must implicate other players in any killing or sabotage to deflect suspicion from yourself. The crew can vote to eject suspicious players. Being able to do this on a game with up to 10 people, each on separate devices is a lot of fun in the family.

You can opt for a Local or Online game. If playing with people you don’t know you can select the Censor Chat mode that limits words and aims to blank out profanity.

Among US PC

How to perform better on Among Us for Windows

The impostor wins by doing away with all the crew, while the crew wins by managing to repair the ship and eject all the impostors. To do this they must react quickly to the sabotages and use admin maps and security cameras to keep tabs on other people.

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As a crew member.

  • Remember there’s an overarching goal to the game for the other crew members of eliminating the impostors. There should be a logical line that moves round-to-round that supports this. Beware of people who swing between targets round-to-round, seemingly without reason.
  • There’s generally a feeling of safety in numbers when running around the ship, which can be true, but it also leaves too much room for the impostors to avoid the group and pick up stragglers. However, if you find yourself in a group of three early in the game be afraid, be very afraid.
  • Not only are the odds on your side, especially early game, but it gives you a sounding board during voting and someone you can trust. If they saw something you can rely on it, whereas a random person could be an impostor.
  • The natural inclination might be to report as soon as you find a corpse, but in doing so and moving immediately to the discussion and vote costs you the opportunity to gain valuable information. Sure, you might have discovered the body late, but there’s a chance you could find someone fleeing the scene.

As an impostor.

  • If someone unsuccessfully tries to vote you out, don’t turn around and immediately try to kill them. Sure, you might eliminate the person ratting you out but you’ll also give yourself away in the process. Instead of trying to kill instantly, wait and try to win the accuser over.
  • When accused, you’re going to want to defend yourself in the vote. It’s human nature. If their logic involves you retreating from a room where a body was found, justify why you were. As long as you’re in a reasonable group that uses logical reasoning they’re more likely to side with you.
  • It’s so easy to flip the script on someone accusing others endlessly by simply saying “You keep accusing people, maybe you’re the impostor.” This mere mention will drive them up the wall and make them super defensive. Remember what we said about being defensive? It makes you look guilty.
  • Whenever there’s a major sabotage, like an oxygen leak or reactor meltdown people tend to do one of two things: Freak out and rush to the site, or assume someone else has it. It’s the latter you need to prey on.
  • Remember, you both get the win if the impostors win even if one is ejected. There might be times your fellow impostor does something extremely dumb and can’t be saved with an argument in the vote. Don’t hesitate to jump on board and get them booted.
Among US PC Download

How to Install Among Us app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator on the PC.
  3. Open the BlueStacks emulator and look for the PlayStore app.
  4. Open the PlayStore app and Log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for the Among Us app.
  6. Click on the Install Button to get the app on your PC
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Among Us is not on Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox. Among Us, 2 has more chance of being on a console, although this will come to PC and smartphones first. There is a Roblox version of the game for Xbox, PC, and smartphones. Roblox Among Us and (more popular) Roblox Impostor offers a similar experience.

Among US app download
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