Top 5 Xfinity Stream Replacements

Xfinity Stream by Comcast is one of the most popular Live TV and VOD (Video On-Demand) services across US. However, it is officially available only for users in US. Although there are methods to use Xfinity Stream outside US Overseas, but we can still look at some of its best alternatives. In this post, learn about the best Xfinity Stream Replacements. Xfinity Stream replacements

Xfinity Stream Replacements for People outside US

The purpose of making this list is for people to get other sources of entertainment. It is especially important if Xfinity Stream is not available in certain area or it just does not suit you. Moreover, some streaming services are more suitable for those who travel abroad a lot.

Xfinity Stream Replacements with different Content

Another thing we need to consider is the the content. Not all services provide same content. Some are more oriented towards VOD while others are for Live TV viewers. Therefore, why pay for something that you are not even going to use.

A suitable service should provide users with flexible options of opting out for channels. Moreover, people should choose which language based channels they want to watch.

Lets go through this list and you can decide for yourself.

netflix Xfinity Stream replacement1: Netflix

The word Netflix is synonymous with binge watching seasons, getting new series every day and what not. Netflix is actually suitable for those who do not watch Live TV but like to binge watch lot of seasons.

While Xfinity Stream also provides VOD but it’s experience is not as personalized as Netflix. Users do not even have to skip intros in each episode! How cool is that.

Moreover, new seasons are released with all episodes at once on Netflix. Another cool thing about this service is how well it is spread out across the world. This service has its own servers across the world to make streaming faster.

Therefore, those who travel a lot and face issues with Xfinity Stream restrictions, use Netflix!

hulu Xfinity Stream replacement2: Hulu

Fan of Anime? Hulu might just be the best “legal” service on the planet for this. It offers unlimited watch time and lot of movies, seasons and web originals under single subscription. It is one of the biggest services next to Netflix right now.

Hulu provides its official applications across almost every platform. These include iPads, iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets and Web Browsers for PC.

Apart from the extensive live streaming and VOD library, Hulu customers can also watch Live TV. This makes this service a strong competitor or Xfinity Stream. Of course, it does not provide internet and phone services like Xfinity. Ultimately, it all depends on what you really need.

A low subscription cost with focus on streaming and VOD content only.

amazon prime video Xfinity Stream replacement3: Amazon Prime Video

After a successful venture as online marketplace, Amazon is venturing into other businesses as well. Amazon Video is one of these amazing services. It offers over 90,000 TV shows and movies.

Just like Netflix, this service is really focused only on watching TV shows and movies. Users can also rent some freshly released movies at pretty cheap prices. However, this service has some unique perks.

Since Amazon is originally a marketplace, therefore, Amazon Prime users get some exclusive benefits with their membership. These include fast delivery, exclusive discounts and much more. It is available in over 200 countries worldwide. Therefore, using Amazing Prime Video overseas is not going to be an issue.

Amazon Prime also has its applications on all major platforms. Therefore, you can literally watch it anywhere and anytime.

hbo go Xfinity Stream replacement4: HBO Go

This service extends your cable subscription directly on to phones and tablets. What this means is that if someone is using a HBO Subscription with their cable company, then they can use the HBO Go service directly from phones, tablets or PC.

HBO Go offers full access to the networks shows, anywhere and anytime. Well, this service is based only in US.

The advantage of having HBO Go is that it could cost you practically nothing in addition to current cable bill. Fans of HBO original get full access to HBO Go with a cable HBO subscription.

Want to binge watch Game of Thrones or Westworld, just get HBO Go and get unlimited access.

sling tv Xfinity Stream replacement5: Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the direct competitors of Xfinity Stream. It offers both Live TV and VOD. Users can customize their channels lineup and pay for the service accordingly.

In addition to that, get access to thousands of TV shows and movies completely free of cost. It does not cost you a single penny extra. It boasts hundreds of live channels both local and international. In fact, Sling TV users can subscribe to international channels in over 18 languages.

However, Sling TV is only available for users in United States. Therefore, it is in direct competition with Xfinity Stream. It could actually be cheaper overall.


While Xfinity Stream is one of the best services out there. It offers great reliability and portability, still you cannot really depend on it.  This list explores different options for people with different and unique requirements.

For example, Netflix is best Xfinity Stream Replacement for binge watchers. Those who do not care about Live TV should definitely go for it. HBO Go as Xfinity Stream Replacement is for those who just want a small added fee over current cable bill. Then just watch all the shows anywhere, anytime. Hulu is a similar Xfinity Stream Replacement.

Amazon Prime Video is actually unique. If you are someone that does a lot of shopping from Amazon, they there is a chance that you have Amazon Prime subscription already. The benefits of using Amazon Prime as Xfinity Stream Replacement is that it offers a lot more in addition to a gigantic VOD library. Moreover, you can subscribe to one Twitch streamer for once a month, every month! Isn’t it amazing.

Sling TV is in direct combination. It offers flexible channel lineup options and therefore, different fees. Those who want live TV (with channels of their choice whether international or local) and stream shows/movies, go for Sling TV as Xfinity Stream replacement.

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