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Smart Home appliances are becoming more common every day. This used to a gimmick for science projects only back in the day. However, now this tech is pretty stable and secure. Moreover, a lot of giant companies like Google are investing in it. Therefore, it is inevitable that lot of small manufacturers start producing smart home appliances as well. This includes stuff like lights, air purifiers, lamps, sockets, fans, heaters and many more. eWeLink is a standard smart home app. This app is built to connect with pretty much any smart device out there. Therefore, follow this guide to install and use eWeLink for PC on laptop or a desktop computer.

eWeLink Features

Smart Home devices from companies like Sonoff work with eWeLink. And these devices work pretty much flawlessly. The connection is quick and smooth. The users do not have to get any sort of technical about it. The entire process is pretty straightforward. Next up, as more and more devices are installed, the GUI interface of eWeLink home evolves. For example, when smart lights are installed, then you’ll get new buttons to turn it on or off. Similarly, use the interface of eWeLink App home to change heating, start or turn off air purifier, and so on.

eWeLink for pc

All the devices are categorized for easy access. Therefore, users get a pretty friendly interface overall. Even though it is originally developed for a smartphone, it is actually useful to have eWeLink on PC as well. This way, we are not limited to just one device for operating anything inside home. If the phone runs out of juice, there is an alternative to control lights and everything else in home.

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Control all Appliances in Smart Home

In order to make a home fully “Smart Home”, every basic device should have the options available. These devices must be connected to same network as the app. Install these devices inside app in order to control them. Take full control of your home with controls in main menu. Turn stuff on and off with simple taps.

How to install eWeLink for PC

Go ahead and install an Android emulator first. The best emulators are listed HERE. Check this out and select the best one for yourself.

Once done, choose whether to install eWeLink for PC via APK or Play Store. In case of former method, download eWeLink APK. Otherwise, login to Play Store, search for “eWeLink” and click on Install.

That’s pretty much how to get eWeLink for PC.

eWeLink for PC Video Guide

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