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Wish Interactive just released a brand new RTS based on cards and magic spells. This is certainly not a new concept. However, lets see what WizardLord Cast & Rule has to offer. Players can join in both 1v1 and 2v2 battles. All matches are played in real-time online. Therefore, you won’t get bored by repetitive AI gameplay. It is a combination of real-time strategic moves and understanding the meta. Create unique and power spells with the amazing spells combination system. It adds great variety to the gameplay. Learn how to download and install WizardLord for PC on Windows and Mac both.

download WizardLord for pc

WizardLord Cast & Rule Gameplay

As mentioned already, this game is actually based on magical cards and spells. In addition to that, summon powerful and mythical creatures to help you in battles. These creatures are upgradeable. Moreover, use the in-game rewards to upgrade your cards and magic spells. Earn more rewards by completing in-game challenges.

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In order to be a successful wizard, you must take care of three main objectives. This first one is to build a tactical deck of cards. Don’t just put in cards because they seem powerful. Use analytical skills to map cards in such a way that they can complement each other. In WizardLord, you can increase the impact of a card by many folds by using another card with it. These new cards boost the powers and abilities of first dealt cards.

Secondly, use Spell combos. This is a new and unique system. Players are free to use existing spells and make a new spell by combining with others. This, again, is all about finding the right meta and creating most powerful and non-vulnerable spells. Similarly, use the spells combination to create strong defenses.

Lastly, use powerful creatures and summon them in battles to win you games. Each match may take up to 5 minutes. It is a long and tedious PvP battle. Even if someone gets upper hand at the start, it does not mean that they are going to maintain it. It is all about implementing the right strategy at the right time. Use all the tools available to you in right manner. This is the essence of RTS games.

Fight in Solo or Duo Mode

Normally, a card fighting game would only have a 1v1 mode. This is actually not bad. But, what is even better? The 2v2 mode in WizardLord. This is a cool game mode where friends can pit their best arsenal against other players online.

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Moreover, one of the main reasons we all do gaming is to have fun. And it is always better when playing with a friend in same team. Therefore, make sure that you try out the 2v2 mode in WizardLord Cast and Rule game.

WizardLord for pc win mac

How to install WizardLord for PC

In order to install WizardLord for PC, get an Android emulator first. The two most popular choices are Bluestacks and Nox Player. However, we have made a list of best emulators and you can find one of these below. Next up, either install WizardLord on PC via APK or Play Store. We advise you to use APK method only if it is not available in Play Store. Now follow the detailed steps below to download and install WizardLord for PC on Windows or Mac PC.

Learn how to download and install WizardLord for PC on both Windows and Mac systems.

Install either Bluestacks or Nox player on your PC.

Windows users should get Bluestacks 4 while Mac users need Nox Player. You can find both of these options and even more HERE.

Get the WizardLord APK and save it on your machine.

Download it from any reliable source and place in on desktop of either Windows or Mac.

Launch the installed emulator on your laptop.

Windows users may launch Bluestacks 4 while Mac users start up Nox Player.

Hit the Install APK Button inside emulator.

This button is located in different locations in both Bluestacks and Nox. Look it up.

Navigate to the folder where you put APK in step 2.

Use the opened file explorer to open folder with WizardLord APK in it.

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Open the APK with either Bluestacks or Nox APK Installer.

Just click on Open button after selecting it in file explorer in step 5.

Let the emulator handle installation and wait till it is complete.

The APK Handler will install WizardLord APK and notify you once it is done.

Once done, open the App drawer inside Bluestacks/Nox and click on WizardLord icon to launch it.

You can identify the logo inside app drawer. Click on it with mouse to start it up.

That’s it! You’ve done it! Now enjoy using WizardLord on your laptop PC.

Whenever you need to use it again, just open Bluestacks or Nox and click on its icon to launch it.

WizardLord Play Store – Link


That’s it guys! Now enjoy your favorite game on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OSX. Feel free to leave your feedback and queries in the comments section below.

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