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Every once in a while there comes a game that does not make sense yet is fun to play. Hit & Run is one of those games. It is an arcade game built in 8-pixel graphics. Lets have a look at what all the fuss is about.Hit & Run for pc

Hit & Run Gameplay

The main objective of Hit & Run is to run and not let anyone pass you! This is the ultimate and golden rule. It is so much important that if anyone passes you, a life is lost! Moreover, there are only 3 lives. It also seems like after losing one life, the enemies start moving even faster. It gets harder to play.

In order to play Hit & Run, learn two basic controls. The button in left bottom corner is for running. Tap is as fast as you can to increase the speed of runner. Tap it slower to make it run slower of course. Stop pressing it and the character will slow down to a point that enemies will cross immediately. You don’t want that since it costs lives! Hit & Run for pc win mac

The second control is for swinging the bat. If someone gets close enough to you, just press this button to splatter them with this bat. More the hits, more the points. Just like every arcade game ever, make as much high score as possible. Initially it is easy, but you easily get tired. And it is pretty easy to lose concentration.


To make it feel as an authentic arcade game, Hit & Run is designed in 8-bit graphics. To be honest, for this kind of game, it is more than enough. It does not need fancy graphics to be enjoyable. Also considering the fact that people are going to be glued with their devices playing Hit & Run, it is best to have it use as low resources as possible.Hit & Run for pc bluestacks

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How to install Hit & Run for PC

Installing Hit & Run for PC on a laptop or desktop computers is a two step process. First step requires installing and deploying an Android emulator. The best example is Bluestacks 3. However, you should go through the list mentioned HERE and select the best possible emulator for yourself.

Once the emulator is up and running, choose whether to install Hit & Run on PC via APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading APK from a third party source. Once downloaded, just open it with emulator as preferred app. It will install automatically and be available in app drawer.

Latter method requires user to login with Google credentials in Android OS of emulator. Once logged in, open Play Store and search for “Hit & Run”. Click on Install next to its icon.

Once Hit & Run for PC is up and running, use it just like you’d use on a phone. Pretty simple, isn’t it!

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