How to download RuneScape for PC Win/Mac (Mobile ver)

One of the first successful MMORPGs to ever exist is finally out on Android and iOS. RuneScape is a Massive Mutliplayer Online RPG that was first released back in 2001. It has seen several improvements and changes over this period. The mobile version of RuneScape is out and free to play. Anyone can download and start playing it right now! Lets take a deeper look at what this version is all about.

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RuneScape Mobile Gameplay

Welcome to the mythical land of Gielinor, in a compact size! This is still a MMORPG. The world is filled with numerous quests, objectives, bosses, traders and what not. Interact with this world in a completely new way.

Since it is a mobile version of RuneScape, the controls are changed too. However, since RuneScape is primarily a clicker game, therefore, the controls are not so important. Players can get used to it in no time.

The basic tasks in RuneScape include walking around the land, interactive with other players and completing quests. Players can move around by walking, spells or other ways. 

Start the game with basic version of your own avatar. This is the base form and it is upgradeable. Therefore, make sure to collect new equipment and all sorts of upgrades by completing quests and side missions.

RuneScape Mobile does not have a specific storyline. Every players sets their own objectives and chooses their own quests. The beauty of this game is that we can actually interact with other players as traders, exchanging stuff, fighting in PvP game modes and even cooperating in missions.

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For a game that has got to manage thousands of players online on servers, it makes sense that it is moderate looking. RuneScape is exactly that. It’s graphics are not going to awe anybody. However, luckily the visual appearance of RuneScape is not what people play this game for.

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Overall, for a mobile version, RuneScape looks pretty decent. This is actually enjoyable. However, it is possible that if someone is using a phone with low-end hardware, then RuneScape starts lagging. To prevent this, learn how to install mobile RuneScape for PC. This method is explained in detail below. It works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS and Mac OSX.

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How to install Mobile RuneScape for PC on Win/Mac

In order to play RuneScape for PC, get an Android emulator first. The most reliable and lightweight emulators are listed HERE. Take a look and choose the one for yourself. 

Once done, choose whether to install RuneScape for PC via APK or Play Store. To install RuneScape on PC via APK, download it from a third party website, open it with installed emulator as preferred application and let it do the rest. Otherwise, login to Play Store, search for “RuneScape” and click on Install.

That’s pretty much how to get mobile RuneScape for PC to run on laptops and desktop computers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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