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Arcane Quest Legends is an offline RPG game. This game is out for the Android OS now. It means that you can run the Android version of Arcane Quest Legends on your computer too. This is the guide to installing Arcane Quest Legends for PC. Players can download Arcane Quest Legends for PC on their Desktop PC or Laptop. This will let you allow this game on a bigger screen. Before downloading Arcane Quest Legends for PC, let us take a look at the gameplay.

Arcane Quest Legends – It’s all about Revenge

Arcane Quest Legends is built by Nex Game Studios. This is a hack and slash RPG and it comes with a complete storyline. In this game, the Real of Auria seems to be in trouble. It is in need of a brave hero who could change its fate. The powers of darkness have surrounded the beautiful and peaceful place. The very first victim of the darkness are the parents of the hero who goes by the name CeoBras.

Arcane Quest Legends for PC

Arcane Quest Legends for PC

Story Line

When the game starts off, CeoBras asks his mother for food. His mother tells him to get wood from his father to turn on the fire. Ceobras’ father tells him that there is no wood at home. He sends Ceobras to the forest to collect wood. While sending Ceobras to the forest, his father makes him aware of the dangers he could encounter. Ceobras picks up his sword and gets into the forest. He starts collecting wood. While collecting wood, he encounters spides and tends to kill them all. When he comes back after collecting wood, he finds an intense scene going on at his house.Arcane Quest Legends for PC

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Ceobras’ house has been invaded by Kel Vurdor. His father and mother are in danger. Kel Vurdor asks his father about someone while his father refuses to tell. Ceobras’ father tells him to run away. Kel Vurdor attacks his parents and he runs away into the jungle. This is when the real story starts. This is when you get to chose the name of your hero and also his looks. Your hero will now return after 10 years. He is going to be all grown-up and all-brave. Ceobras, your newly transformed hero, will be brave enough to accept new challenges, complete tasks for the sake of making a living.Arcane Quest Legends for PC

When your hero will start his new quest, his ultimate goal will be to take down Kel Vurdor. He has to go on a great adventure to achieve his goals. The journey is going to be full of dangers. There is death waiting at every single turn. You must train your hero before indulging into a battle. Initially, the enemies will be the little creatures of the jungle. However, at a higher level, the soldiers of darkness will come after you.Arcane Quest Legends for PC

Arcane Quest Legends Trailer

Arcane Quest Legends Features

This is a big game, you will be completing a lot of quests and puzzles to earn rewards. The story keeps building as you move on. The game itself comes for free but it does have the in-app purchases. Before we move to the steps to download Arcane Quest Legends for PC, let us take a look at the features of this game.

  • Classical Action RPG
  • Offline RPG
  • Hack & Slash
  • Epic Story Line
  • Character Customization
  • Various Puzzles and Quests
  • In-App Purchases (Downside)
  • HD Graphics
  • Amazing Sound Effects
  • Intuitive Gameplay
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Arcane Quest Legends for PC

To run Arcane Quest Legends for PC, you need an Android emulator. From our site, you can download the BlueStacks 4 for Windows and Nox Player for Mac. The download links are given below in the download section. After downloading the App Player, install it and set it up using your Google Account.

Once you have set up BlueStacks 4 or Nox Player, launch the Play Store in it and search for “Arcane Quest Legends”. As you find the game, install it. It will take a lot of time for installation as this is quite a big game. After the installation comes to an end, you can find this game in the Home Screen section of the BlueStacks 4 and in the application drawer of the Nox Player. Launch the game and play is using your Mouse and Keyboard. You can also map the keys according to your choice.

If you are unable to locate Arcane Quest Legends in the Play Store, you can find its APK online from a well-reputed site. The manual installation will also let you play this game on your computer flawlessly.

Required Downloads


That’s it with the installation of Arcane Quest Legends for PC. If you have any questions regarding this game or regarding one of the emulators, feel free to reach out to us. We are also open to listening to all of your suggestions. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I get your query/suggestion. For now, enjoy the Arcane Quest Legends on a bigger screen with great sound effects.

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