Download PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC Laptop

You can easily play PUBG Mobile Lite for PC via an Android emulator. Follow the steps given in this tutorial to download PUBG Mobile Lite for PC right now.

PUBG was swiftly overtaken by other Battle Royale games. The likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends have given it a run for its money. Moreover, the PC version is poorly optimized. Therefore, a lot of people have shifted to PUBG MOBILE. This is smoother and free of bugs.

However, the original version of this game cannot run smoothly on a lot of middle range devices. PUBG MOBILE LITE is the ultimate solution to this. It uses less RAM space due to reduced fidelity and lesser numbers of players per match. This article shows how to get PUBG Mobile Lite for PC on your laptop or desktop PC.


What’s the difference b/w PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE LITE?

On the surface, both of these games are pretty much the same. They promise to deliver a similar experience. However, as promised, this game is made for devices with less powerful hardware. Players can run it on phones with lesser RAM and load low fidelity graphics.

Even though some players can still play the PUBG MOBILE on these devices, it is not as smooth. The frames can drop and visual quality is not as good. The disadvantage? Other players with good devices can easily outperform you in battles.

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PUBG MOBILE LITE evens the battlefield out. Everyone is on the same page and they play a similar game. Otherwise, people playing PUBG MOBILE on under powered phones and laptops are at serious disadvantage.

Another major difference is the reduced numbers of players per game. Instead of 100 player dropping per match, now only 40 players will land. Moreover, as a result of less players, even the map is smaller. It is now a 2×2 KM map. Since the overall map is so small and player count is low, the time for each round is much smaller.

Features, Tips and Tricks PUBG MOBILE LITE

When someone is playing PUBG for first time, they cannot really grasp the concept. Even though this game is pretty simple but not every first timer can comprehend it. To start it off, each player can either play in squads, duos or as solos. You can even play as solo in squad or duo mode. However, this is for tryhards and sweats only! Choose the appropriate mode and head over to next screen.

At start of each match, all players first gather on starter island. This is where you open the map and check route of plane. Choose the landing spot here. If someone wants to play it safe, then land on borders of the map.

Otherwise, you are more likely to get caught up in combat as soon as you land. Choose more crowded landing spots when the skills are good enough. Since this is the only good way to have fun.

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After landing, the first priority is to look for a gun. This is very important. Try landing near houses that look huge. They have more supplies and you have better chance of getting good loot.

A lot of players die off at start of game due to not finding a gun. Therefore, look for a gun first and then do anything else. Once you find the guns of your choice, collect enough ammo. Moreover, do not forget to collect armour, helmet and even the pan for safety.

Collect as many healing items as possible. This includes the likes of painkillers, medkits and energy drinks. If you are hurt in a fight, take a step back, heal up and then go on. On the other hand, if your opponent is badly hurt, then rush them and try to finish them off before then can heal.

How to install PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC

A lot of people play its normal version on PC. However, not all laptops and computers can support it. Learn how to download PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC and install it on laptops / desktop computers. Since it is an Android game, we are going to use an Android emulator.

The best emulator right now is Bluestacks 4. It offers great performance on top of useful features like custom keymapping and multitasking. Follow the steps below to install PUBG MOBILE LITE on PC laptops and computers.

Learn how to download and install PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC on Windows 10, 8, 7 Laptops and Mac OSX devices.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Install Android Emulator: Bluestacks 4 (Windows) or Nox Player (Mac OSX)

If someone is running Windows OS on their PC (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), then go ahead and install Bluestacks 4. It is the best emulator for playing PUBG MOBILE LITE on Windows PC right now. On the other hand, Mac users should install Nox Player on their machines. You can Download Bluestacks from HERE. And Nox Player from HERE. 

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Complete setup of Bluestacks / Nox

Before continuing the installation of PUBG MOBILE LITE on PC, you must complete the initial setup. This mainly includes passing through the introductory slides. However, onces these are over, choose whether or not you want to sign in with a Google account. It is required for using Play Store inside emulator.

Choose one of two installation methods of PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC

Those who have already logged in with their Google accounts, are able to use Play Store directly. However, if someone just does not want that, then install PUBG MOBILE LITE on PC via APK file.

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE PC on Bluestacks / Nox via Play Store

This method is applicable only for those, that logged in with Google accounts earlier. Open the main menu and click on Play Store icon. Search for “PUBG MOBILE LITE” and press Enter. Click on Install next to its icon.

Install PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC manually with APK File

APK is the installation package of Android apps. These can be installed outside of Play Store. In order to do so, just download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK from a reliable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Click on “Install APK” button inside Bluestacks / Nox and open the downloaded APK file from file explorer. It will handle the rest on its own.

Launch PUBG MOBILE LITE App on Bluestacks / Nox and Enjoy!

Now open the main app drawer inside either Bluestacks or Nox and click on PUBG MOBILE LITE’s icon. It will launch the game. Now just login with your personal account and start using it without any issues.

PUBG Mobile Lite Play Store – Link

That is all folks! These are the two main working methods to get PUBG MOBILE LITE for PC. It works for laptops and desktops with Windows and Mac OSX. If you encounter any issues, feel free to leave your feedback and queries in the comments below.

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