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The fans of Badland are about to get pretty busy once again. The latest addition in the badland universe is an online 1v1 and 2v2 real-time fighting game. It is physics-based and offers a very diverse variety of content. Badland Brawl is an online multiplayer fighting game. It offers both 1 and 2 player matches. Unlike the regular fighting games out there, it has a unique gameplay factor that makes it stand out in the crowd. 

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This main highlight of Badland Brawl is its gameplay. The developers describe it as fast-paced physics based gameplay. This game takes the basic concept of bombing opponent and modifies it into something more. 

Each player/team in Badland Brawl has a squad of their own. This squad consists of clones. These clones are going to fight for you! The basic task of the players is to sling these clones onto battleground. Now, this might seem pretty basic. However, the slinging action is actually very hard to master.

Moreover, there are hundreds of possible characters, moves and attacks. Players are free to mix them up in any way possible. If a clone army is slow, then pair them up with some sort of boosters. These kind of combinations are going to win you games.

 Badland Brawl is all about making the best moves and mixing them up and the right time. At the top level, every player has got a good army. Strategies and tricks are going to win games.

Badland Brawl for pc win mac


Badland Brawl is a 2D game. However, each character in Badland Brawl is beautifully designed. They look pretty much as 3D characters. The sound effects, damage numbers, animations and all such effects are beautifully crafted. 

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There are tons of location to fight in. Each location has its own aura. Every scenery is unique and gives off a unique vibe. Some are very full of light while others are dark and gore. However, we promise that you are going to have fun on each of these locations.

Since this game is pretty resource heavy, not all phones are geared up to run it. You may follow the steps below to get Badland Brawl for PC. This works for all laptops and computers.


Badland Brawl offers online gameplay with both 1 on 1 and 2 on 2. This means that, players can actually team up with friends, share their clones and win fights! 

Those who want to watch some top tier players in action, check out BadTube. It is built into the app. It is like a replay channel for best matches going on around the world.

The tribe system in Badland Brawl is also a cool addition. Players can form a team called as tribe. The tribesmen can share their clones, resources and even help each other in battles. If friends want to find out who’s the best among them, then check out the private match option. Friends can play against each other online in Badland Brawl. They need to be in the same tribe.

Badland Brawl for pc

How to download and play Badland Brawl for PC on Win/Mac

This game is available to download and play right now. Those who want to play Badland Brawl for PC, follow the steps given below. It allows players to enjoy Badland Brawl on laptops and computers. Moreover, the gameplay is faster and smoother, thanks to better hardware.

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First of all, download and install an Android emulator. The most powerful emulators are listed HERE. Take a look at this list and choose the one for yourself. Once done, move on to next step. In our opinion, playing Badland Brawl on Bluestacks is the best option, provided the laptop/computer can run it.

Once done with emulator installation, choose whether to install Badland Brawl on PC via APK or Play Store. The former method requires you to download Badland Brawl APK from a third party source. Once downloaded, just open it with installed emulator as preferred application and it will install automatically. Otherwise, just login with Google account, open Play Store, search for “Badland Brawl” and click on Install.

That’s pretty much how to get Badland Brawl for PC. This method works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS and Mac OSX. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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