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Exiled Kingdoms is calling for the history lovers who would like to explore the past. The game is set to take you back to the Andorian Empire. The Andorian Empire was completely demolished as a consequence of a magical cataclysm. This put the entire world into shadows of the darkness. Life was nowhere to be found. Some of the lucky people survived by escaping to the Imperial Colony of Varannar. No one had an idea about this island. Although they survived, the Imperial Colony of Varannar brought more dangers into existence. The situation made it really difficult to chose a new Emperor. This caused a rift between all those willing to become the Emperor and thus started a new war.  Now those who survived are at war against each other. Their aim is to win the title of the Emperor. You are just one adventurer who’s exploring what happened back in the days of the Adorian Empire crisis. Poking your nose into the on-going matters is not really a thing of yours.

While you are only exploring, you will suddenly receive a letter from the New Garand. The letter states that you are the only beneficiary of a fat inheritance. The inheritance is certainly going to make you rich. You don’t have any idea of from whom you are going to inherit all the wealth, but it won’t be a good idea to waste this opportunity. You will start your journey towards the New Garand and that’s when the actual game will start. This journey is a swing of the good and bad events. You will interact with people and make some of them your friends and you will also interact with enemies who will try their best to kill you. Pick up the sword and use it whenever needed for your own safety. The goal is to reach New Garand and claim your inheritance. 

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The graphics of this game will take you back to the past. The gameplay itself is quite interesting. This game is already out on the Android OS for free. If you wish to play it on your computer then that is possible as well.

You can now play Exiled Kingdoms for PC on a desktop PC or Laptop running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MacOS and Mac OS X. To download Exiled Kingdoms for PC on Windows, you need BlueStacks 3 and for Mac, you need BlueStacks. Have a look at the following tutorial to install Exiled Kingdoms for PC.

How to Download and Install Exiled Kingdoms for PC

  1. If you are using Windows, download and install BlueStacks 3.
  2. If you are using Mac, download and install BlueStacks.
  3. Setup your installed emulator according to the instructions explained in the guides.
  4. Now open BlueStacks or BlueStacks 3.
  5. Mac users: For BlueStacks, click on the Search icon and type the name as “Exiled Kingdoms and then click on the Search using Google Play. Upon finding the game in Play Store, install it.
  6. Windows users: For BlueStacks 3, click on My Apps > System Apps > Google Play Store.
  7. In the Google Play Store’s search bar, type “Exiled Kingdoms” and search. As soon as the game appears, install it.
  8. After the installation comes to an end, the game will appear in My Apps tab of BlueStacks 3 and All Apps tab of BlueStacks.
  9. You can now launch the game and follow the instructions given on the screen to play it.That’s all.
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How to install Exiled Kingdoms for PC using APK

  • Download and save Exiled Kingdoms APK on your PC.
  • If you are using Windows, download and install BlueStacks 3.
  • If you are using Mac, download and install BlueStacks.
  • Setup your installed emulator according to the instructions explained in the guides. Now open BlueStacks or BlueStacks 3.
  • On Windows, double-click on downloaded Exiled Kingdoms APK icon.
  • Select Bluestacks 3 as a preferred app to open it (if it’s not already selected).
  • It will be installed automatically and you will receive notification when done.
  • Open Bluestacks 3 and click on Exiled Kingdoms icon. It’s now available for use.
  • On Mac, install Dropbox on Bluestacks using Play Store.
  • Open same Dropbox account on your browser or Mac and upload Exiled Kingdoms APK there.
  • Now open Bluestacks, download APK onto emulator and install it using Android’s APK installer.
  • Once done, you will find in the app drawer.
  • That’s it! Now you can use Exiled Kingdoms on Windows as well as Mac.

For any queries, feel free to drop your message in the comment box below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Exiled Kingdoms: Google Play Store

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