Download PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC and Laptop

In this guide, learn how to download and install PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC on laptops and desktop computers. It is not available in Play Store. Keep reading to get the download link for PUBG Mobile Chinese APK.

PUBG Mobile Chinese

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games right now. This statistic is for mobile phones and emulators only. Since it has gained such heights, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is also out. The only main difference is language. Everything is translated into Chinese. This is done to capture gamers in China. A lot of players there cannot properly communicate in English.

PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC

100 Land and 1 Survives!

A battle royale is all about scavenging and surviving. In every round, 100 players land on the map. Everyone is free to choose their landing location. Go on the hunt for weapons right after landing. It is necessary to attack other players. Note that, the main goal of PUBG Mobile Chinese is to be the last one alive. Whether you are playing solos, duos or squads. Make sure that you are the last player or squad alive to win the game.

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Use weapons, grenades and vehicles to take out other players in same lobby. The most important items in PUBG Mobile are guns, snipers, backpacks, health kits and pans! Yes! The frying pans can save your ass, literally. Although it is unrealistic, it is quite fun. The frying pans in PUBG can block bullets. Whether it is a heavy sniper bullet or just a pistol bullet. It does not matter. Moreover, you can take down other player by smashing with these pans.

Use tactical movement to survive

While some players may get hyped up after watching a streamer or pro gamer annihilate other players, it is not always the best approach. The basic objective of a battle royale game is to be last one alive. It does not matter whether you do this with or without kills. The last player can get lost in the storm too. Therefore, before going berserk and trying to get lot of kills, learn to win a game and how to rotate on the map. Good rotations are key to winning a chicken dinner.

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Modify weapons and use Vehicles

Each weapon in PUBG Mobile Chinese has available modifications. The most basic one being extended clip. This is useful for firing more rounds without needing to reload. For the rifles, you can get red dot, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x etc scopes. These are used to aim at enemies that are far away. The guns in stock state do not have best aim dot. Therefore, get the red dot sight at least to have a better chance at landing your shots.

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Use cars, bikes and boats to travel around the map. Cars can also kill other players when you run over them. However, a skilled player can even shoot through windows. Therefore, always be careful about it.

Do not forget to pick up armour and helmet. This adds extra layer of health. It protects against ballistic and bullet damage.

Head over to the steps now to download PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC. Remember that you can download the PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC on any Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or macOS-powered Desktop PC and Laptop.

Download PUBG Mobile Chinese for PC

Learn how to download and install PUBG MOBILE Chinese for PC on Windows 10, 8, 7 Laptops and Mac OSX devices.

Total Time: 8 minutes

Install Android Emulator: Bluestacks 4 (Windows) or Nox Player (Mac OSX)

If someone is running Windows OS on their PC (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), then go ahead and install Bluestacks 4. It is the best emulator for playing PUBG MOBILE Chinese on Windows PC right now. On the other hand, Mac users should install Nox Player on their machines. You can Download Bluestacks from HERE. And Nox Player from HERE. 

Complete setup of Bluestacks / Nox

Before continuing the installation of PUBG MOBILE Chinese on PC, you must complete the initial setup. This mainly includes passing through the introductory slides. However, onces these are over, choose whether or not you want to sign in with a Google account. It is required for using Play Store inside emulator.

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Choose one of two installation methods of PUBG MOBILE Chinese for PC

Those who have already logged in with their Google accounts, are able to use Play Store directly. However, if someone just does not want that, then install PUBG MOBILE Chinese on PC via APK file.

Download PUBG MOBILE Chinese PC on Bluestacks / Nox via Play Store

This method is applicable only for those, that logged in with Google accounts earlier. Open the main menu and click on Play Store icon. Search for “PUBG MOBILE Chinese” and press Enter. Click on Install next to its icon.

Install PUBG MOBILE Chinese for PC manually with APK File

APK is the installation package of Android apps. These can be installed outside of Play Store. In order to do so, just download PUBG MOBILE Chinese APK from a reliable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Click on “Install APK” button inside Bluestacks / Nox and open the downloaded APK file from file explorer. It will handle the rest on its own.

Launch PUBG MOBILE Chinese App on Bluestacks / Nox and Enjoy!

Now open the main app drawer inside either Bluestacks or Nox and click on PUBG MOBILE Chinese’s icon. It will launch the game. Now just login with your personal account and start using it without any issues.

PUBG Mobile Chinese APK – Download Link

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