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Meeting random people online has existed since we got our hands on basic Dial-up connections. Omegle is one of the first services that introduced video chatting with complete strangers. It gained lot of popularity during its early years. However, this services has not transcended into a random text chatting services. AnonyChat App is based on Omegle’s chat client. Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss the various steps included in installing and using AnonyChat for PC on laptops. This guide works for computers with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX.

anonychat for pc laptop

Chat with strangers based on interests

This feature is added pretty recently. Unlike before, when the matching criteria was pretty vague, now strangers can match based on matching interests. When setting up the profile, just add your interests or import the likes from Facebook. Now it will only look for those people who have similar interests.

Also add some other basic filters to ensure that you match up against very similar people only. Omegle is supposed to be fun and not stressful. AnonyChat App used the chat client of Omegle. Since there is no actual app for this services, AnonyChat is one of the best bets.

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Multiple Chat Modes

The most basic chat mode on AnonyChat is 1-on-1 chat. It is done with a complete stranger. It is the most basic form of interacting on this app. However, more interesting modes are now a part of this services. This includes the likes of Ask Question Mode, Answer question Mode and Double Spy Mode.

The Ask question mode is where you post a question and random people will answer it. You can watch the conversations happening between strangers due to your original question. The Answer question mode is its opposite. Answer to the questions posted by other users on Omegle chat. Finally, the Double spy mode let you watch a random conversation between two people. You can kick any one of those two out.

And how can we forget the memes? Share fun and interesting chats directly to Facebook, Twitter just for fun. Since these chats are anonymous, we are sure that nobody will get hurt. However, you must still protect your own and other peoples’ privacy online.

How to install AnonyChat for PC

Ever since Omegle blew up, a lot of companies have tried to replicate the concept. However, it not always easy. Moreover, not everyone is into video chatting. Therefore, AnonyChat is a cool and light alternative to original Omegle service. It allows you to chat with totally random strangers. These matches are made on the basis of interests, language etc. Follow the simple steps below to download and use AnonyChat for PC on laptops and desktops. Keep up the fun even when someone is not on their phone.

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Follow the steps below to download and install AnonyChat for PC on Windows and Mac laptops.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Install Bluestacks 4 on Windows / Nox Player on Mac OSX

If someone is running Windows OS on their PC (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), then go ahead and install Bluestacks 4. It is the best emulator for using AnonyChat on Windows PC right now. On the other hand, Mac users should install Nox Player on their machines. You can Download Bluestacks from HERE. And Nox Player from HERE. 

Set up Google Account

This step is optional. After installing either Bluestacks 4 or Nox, it will ask you to login with Google. Skip it if you like. However, it gives access to services like Play Store and Google Play Games.

Choose installation method to get AnonyChat on PC

Basically, you have got two options. Either download and install AnonyChat for PC directly from Play Store. It is the safest and most reliable method. In case it is not available or you don’t want it, install it via APK.

Install AnonyChat for PC with APK

Download and place the AnonyChat APK file anywhere on your computer. Click on “Install APK” button inside the emulator. Open the APK file and boom! You will get notification after installation is complete.

Download AnonyChat on Emulator via Play Store

This is the most reliable and safe method. Just open the Play Store icon inside either Bluestacks 4 or Nox. Then search for “AnonyChat” and click on Install next to its icon in search results.

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Launch AnonyChat from App Drawer

This is the final step. Just open the main app drawer inside respective emulator. Click on the AnonyChat App icon. It will launch in a new tab for you. Login with your account and you’re ready to go.

AnonyChat App (Omegle Chat Client) Play Store – Link

We hope that you successfully installed AnonyChat for PC using the steps given above. In case you run into some problems, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you back asap.

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