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Astrid is a young and talented valkyrie from Midgard. What was once a peaceful land, is not plagued by the terrors of evil God Odin. Therefore, the young Astrid is tasked with the task of taking down evil demons and restoring peace to Midgard in Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie. It is an epic turn-based combat RPG. It offers both open world gameplay as well as full-fledged fights with dark forces of Odin. 

Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for pc

A storyline to remember!

 Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie is set in Norse Mythology. It makes most of characters already known to most geeks. However, Netmarble made sure of putting some amazing tweaks here and there. The plot twists refresh the good old norse mythology for you to enjoy again. 

The story begins with young Astrid’s mother getting kidnapped by Odin, the mad God. She is young and fearless. Often fooling others as seemingly naiive and inexperienced in combat, she really surprises them with her superior creativity and fighting prowess. 

The main storyline of Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie revolves around Astrid travelling through 6 regions of Midgard to save her mother. These include frosty and likes of deep forests. Along this journey, unlock deadly and helpful secrets of this ancient land. These secrets help unlock special powers that ultimately help her take down the mad God and his army.

Collect “Phantom companions” in Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie

During the entire course of Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie gameplay, Astrid gets to collect over 300 special beings. These are called phantom companions. These beings possess special powers that are vital in taking down the enemy forces. 

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Each phantom companion holds unique abilities. Moreover, each phantom holds multiple potential power levels. It is up to the player to choose who to upgrade and when to do it. Having the most powerful allies in fights is more vital than ever. 

Since Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie is a turn-based RPG combat game, therefore, make sure to have the most complimentary team assembled to take upper hand in battles.

Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for pc

Solve puzzles and take down Odin’s evil orc warriors

In order to unlock the full potential of Astrid and her team, explore the ancient lands of Midgard. There are several secrets in Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie that unlock the most powerful weapons, tools and spells. These are sometimes vital to killing a boss or horde of powerful warriors. 

A lot of special items, powers and abilities are hidden throughout this mythical land. Take your time to find these. Moreover, some of these special prizes are hidden behind deceiving puzzles. Only the sharpest of minds are worthy of unlocking these items!

How to install Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for PC on Win/Mac

Installing and playing Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for PC is a two steps process mainly. The first thing you need is an Android emulator. We have compiled a list of handy and reliable Android emulators on this Page. These work for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX. Go through this list and select the best possible emulator for your system.

Once the emulator is installed, up and running, move on to next step. This involves downloading Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie to PC. There are two possible methods for it. Either install Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie on PC via APK or just use Play Store. The former method requires you to download its APK from a third party source. However, installing Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for PC via Play Store only requires logging in with Google on Emulator. Search for it in the Play Store and install it.

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Once you have followed these steps exactly as explained, you get to enjoy Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie for PC on laptops, Macs and Desktop computers alike. Enjoy defeating Odin!

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