Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC

This is the tutorial to download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC. You can use DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC on Windows 10 and macOS. Let me introduce you to this amazing browser before you install it.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC
Running DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC on Windows 10

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is popular for a few reasons, and one of those reasons is how it protects your data. It comes with an in-built VPN which has very strict encryption in place which DuckDuckGo names as Smarter Encryption. The main purpose of this browser is to ensure your safety while you are browsing on the internet.

DuckDuckGo Browser blocks all the trackers smartly. If your ISP or any other authority is trying to monitor your online activity, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser will take care of it. Furthermore, it uses its own search engine for all the searches which take security up another ladder. DuckDuckGo is already famous for its privacy measures and its trusted by millions.

It protects the user data by hiding the identity of the users online. The identity remains anonymous so that no one can come after a user. It uses a no-log policy. No logs of your online activity are kept in the app or anywhere else. DuckDuckGo has gone to extremes for the safety and privacy of its users.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC

Not only this browser is concerned about privacy, it brings a very good UI to the table as well. DuckDuckGo looks like a browser better than Chrome and Firefox, but this can be a subjective choice too. It comes with a white theme by default and also supports dark mode. 

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On top of all those features, it’s a no-nonsense browser. It’s not loaded with too many features that the users end up getting confused with. To cut it short, it’s a browser built to serve its purpose. Take a look at its features in a nutshell.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Features

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC
  • Privacy Protection – Escape Tracker Networks
  • Increased Encryption Protection
  • Private Search
  • Decode Privacy Policies
  • No-logs policy
  • Light & Dark Theme
  • Faster Internet Browsing
  • Lightweight

DuckDuckGo Browser’s Android version is much better than its desktop counterpart. If you want to use the Android version on your computer via BlueStacks, you will find this guide useful. I am going to show you the steps to download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Windows 10 and macOS.


Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC

  1. Open the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  2. Sign in to BlueStacks using old or new Google Account.
  3. Open Play Store in the BlueStacks.
  4. Search for “DuckDuckGo” in the Play Store.
  5. As you find it, install it.
  6. Open the Browser now and start surfing.
duckdcukgo browser for pc


By now, you should be enjoying your newly installed browser. Unleash its true power for the best internet experience. DuckDuckGo Browser is super fast. If you have been facing any problems with any of your previous browsers, they will come to an end now. If you have any questions regarding the BlueStacks Emulator or the DuckDuckGo for PC, feel free to use the comment section below. I will try my best to help you out.

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