F1 Mobile Racing for PC – Download on Win 7/8/10 & Mac

F1 Mobile Racing is the official mobile game for 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. What does it really mean? We get all the official cars, tracks and even world-class drivers in same game. Everything, from tracks to cars to races, is authentic. In addition to racing against the likes of Lewis Hamilton, you can compete against other players in online 1v1. 

F1 Mobile Racing for pc

Live your F1 Dream with F1 Mobile Racing Official Game

F1 Mobile Racing features all 21 official circuits for 2018 World Championship for Formula 1. These include the likes of Paul Ricard and Hockenheim in France and Germany respectively. Moreover, game has AI replicas of famous drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and more.

 F1 Mobile Racing player have the choice to either race and develop their own car from ground up or join on of the 10 official F1 teams. Becoming part of these huge teams gives you access to special cars which are ready to hit the track. These are pre-customized and read for races.

However, those who are hardcore F1 fans would love to build their own cars. This is possible via in-depth car customization and real-time visualization of after effects. Only experts can truly take full advantage of this mode and take their game to next level. 

Life-like Graphics and Gorgeous Gameplay

The developers of F1 Mobile Racing have really hit the nail on head when it comes to graphics. For a mobile game, these graphics are really worth mentioning. Lot of attention is given to smallest of details. Players feel truly connected with the game.

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The driving mechanics are pretty insane too. It offers cockpit view while driving. Which is infact, quire authentic and fun to experience. If it gets a VR version, it would be even more fun.

Real-life Grand Prix events

Those who keep game connected online and play it daily, can participate in real-life events. The official Grand Prix events will also show up in-game. These are synced with real-life timings. 

Playing and winning in these events rewards players with amazing prizes and tools. These are further used to improve the current F1 cars.

How to install F1 Mobile Racing for PC on Win/Mac

In order to play F1 Mobile Racing for PC, make sure that you are using one of these operating systems on your machine; Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OSX. If so, then head over to this page and install one of the Android emulators. Pros and cons of each of these are explained for you to make choice based on personal preferences.

Once the Android emulator is installed and ready to use, then either install APK or use Play Store to play F1 Mobile Racing. The former method requires you to download F1 Mobile Racing APK from a reliable source and open it with installed emulator as preferred app. Latter method requires only activating Google account inside the emulator. 

Once the game is installed, you can enjoy F1 Mobile Racing for PC at anytime. Playing it on PC offers great depth visually and suitable controls.

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