Download Swing Star for PC Win 7/8/10 & Mac

Does anyone feel like raging? Well, we’ve got the best rage generator for you. Swing Star is an arcade game. Seemingly innocent by the looks of it, this game is actually very evil! It can consume your soul and you wouldn’t even know! Well, we’re just joking, or are we? Swing Star for pc win mac

Swing Star Gameplay Features

The basic premise of Swing Star is pretty simple. You have to swing like a monkey from one point to another. There are floating anchors all over the levels. Use these anchors to attach the rope. Swing and make sure that you avoid the deadly traps. Yes, there are some spiky traps out there. Touching one is gonna end your level. How often does that happen? Well, pretty often.

Swing Star is one of those games that is easy to learn but almost impossible to master. In order to make this game this hard as well as fun to play, developing correct physics mechanisms is important. Now, we do not know if this is perfect or not, but it seems pretty hard to us. And we do not feel like it makes you blame the game mechanics. It is just hard, simple as that.Swing Star for pc bluestacks

Unlock new skins and themes

Even though it does not really make a difference to gameplay, it is good to have options. Players can unlock and equip various skins like monkey, shadowy human and more.

Apart from the skins, players are also free to change background theme. There are plenty of these items available. We are sure that developers are going to add more of these with future updates.

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Swing Star Graphics

It is a simple 2D game with literally flat graphics. There is nothing 3D about it. It is a very simple and plain looking game. Don’t be put off by it though. This is the beauty. Moreover, since Swing Star does not use many resources, it going to use less battery (hopefully).Swing Star for pc

How to download Swing Star for PC

In order to play Swing Star for PC, go ahead and install an Android emulator first. Not sure where to find one or which one to go for? Then head over HERE and take a look at most reliable emulators. Compare them all and install the one most suitable for you.

Once the Android emulator is up and running, lets move on to installing Swing Star on PC. Either do this via sideloading APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading Swing Star APK from third party source. Then just open the APK with emulator as preferred application. In order to install it via Play Store, login with Google Account, open Play Store, search for “Swing Star” and click on install next to Swing Star icon.

Once all steps are done, you are free to play and enjoy Swing Star PC on laptops and computers. If someone has installed Swing Star for PC using Bluestacks 3, then do not forget to set up custom keys. By the way, Bluestacks 3 is the best emulator to play Swing Star on.

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