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A group of Android enthusiasts dedicated their time to replicate Android 8.0 Oreo’s home launcher. Lawnchair Launcher is almost completely based on the latest version of Android. Moreover, unlike most launchers on Google Play Store, this one has a very minimal approach of designing. It is fast and stable. Even though, Lawnchair for Android is still in beta testing phase. It can be installed on any Android phone with version 5.0 or higher. Since it is still in beta testing phase, some people might not find it in Play Store. Therefore, follow this guide to download Lawnchair Launcher APK. Further, follow the steps to install in on any smartphone.

download Lawnchair Launcher apk

This launcher is totally based on Android 8.0 Oreo. This version of Android is released with Google pixel 2. The start screen is same as the original launcher. There is a Google icon at top. Initially it is available only for Google Search. However, users can install add-ons to make Google Now available in Lawnchair Launcher. To customize literally anything in Lawnchair Launcher, tap and hold on homescreen. Then tap on Settings. It will open a menu containing all customization options. Ranging from screen opacity to home dock, anything is customizable. This launcher even allows behavior customization.

Here is the latest version of Lawnchair Launcher APK available for download. It is useful for those who either do not have access to Lawnchair on Google Play Store or those who want to install Lawnchair Launcher on custom ROMs.

android oreo 8.0 Lawnchair Launcher apk

Download Lawnchair Launcher APK

You can follow the guide below to learn how to install Lawnchair Launcher APK manually. This guide is valid for every Android phone out there. Whether you want to install it on stock ROMs like TouchWiz, Sony XPERIA, HTC Sense or custom ROMs, follow the instructions in guide given below.

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How to install Lawnchair Launcher on Android using APK

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