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Collect and upgrade godly warriors in an action-packed RPG, Eternity Legends League Of Gods Dynasty Warriors. The title of this game is pretty self explanatory. This is not the typical Role Playing game where you sit calmly and upgrade the weapons one by one. It is a full on head-to-head action type. There is not time to rest or think! It is all about do or die! Well, this is enough for a dramatic opening paragraph. Lets dig deep and find out what Eternity Legends is really about!Eternity Legends for pc

Gameplay Features Eternity Legends

Strategic Gameplay

Eternity Legends is a Real-Time Strategy type of battle game. The players are free to change their decisions on the go. Moreover, take help of your allies to go one step ahead of your enemies.

In order to become the most feared warrior, unlock new gods, upgrade their abilities and form the most lethal team that’s out there. Having raw power is not always the solution. Sometimes, two powers combined are greater than what anyone can imagine. Therefore, always try to find the strategic advantages in battle and stun your enemies with hidden moves.

Game Modes

In total, Eternity Legends offers six game modes. The last one is an online PvP game mode. It is only for the most experienced ones. Fighting against AI is not ever the same as fighting against real people out there.

Adventure Mode is about exploring different cities in the world. Capture these cities and collect the loot. This loot includes rare and unique weapons. Use this gear to upgrade your gods. This mode is pretty good for upgrading your squad. Grinding this mode at start of the game is probably the best thing to do.

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Skyscraper Mode is about increasing difficulty. Player goes through several levels. Every level up next is more difficult than the one before. This tests your skills in real-time. Of course there are tons of rewards at end of the run.Eternity Legends for pc win mac

Star Gates Mode is a way of enjoying newly released challenged everyday. The advantage of completing these challenges is that you get new items to unlock more gods. This helps in upgrading the squad massively.

Super Boss & Global Boss modes are what you’d expect. Pit your team against giant bosses with huge health bars. It is going to take everything in power to get over these creatures. Finishing them reaps great rewards in the end. The Global Boss mode is actually an online mode. In this mode, the players play in co-op mode to beat bosses.

PvP in Eternity Legends

The worldwide arena in Eternity Legends is for the top tier player to pit their squads against each other. It is going to take everything to win these battles. Surely, some are going to be easy in start. However, as the level upgrades, the battles are more and more difficult to win. Play against other players online in Eternity Legends in this mode. These player are from all around the world.

Take part in several tournaments, events and get your name on the leaderboard. Moreover, win several trophies to show off!Eternity Legends for pc bluestacks

How to install Eternity Legends for PC

In order to play Eternity Legends for PC, go ahead and install an Android emulator first. Not sure where to find one or which one to go for? Then head over HERE and take a look at most reliable emulators. Compare them all and install the one most suitable for you.

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Once the Android emulator is up and running, lets move on to installing Eternity Legends on PC. Either do this via sideloading APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading Eternity Legends APK from third party source. Then just open the APK with emulator as preferred application. In order to install it via Play Store, login with Google Account, open Play Store, search for “Eternity Legends” and click on install next to Eternity Legends icon.

Once all steps are done, you are free to play and enjoy Eternity Legends PC on laptops and computers. If someone has installed Eternity Legends for PC using Bluestacks 3, then do not forget to set up custom keys. By the way, Bluestacks 3 is the best emulator to play Eternity Legends on.

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