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Staying in touch with friends and family over phone is one of the essentials. Especially if someone is travelling abroad or you want to contact someone overseas. The current roaming solutions are pretty expensive to get. Talkatone is a free to use solution. It lets people make free calls to US and Canada from anywhere in world. These free calls work using WiFi or Data Package (4G/3G). Similarly, people who are in US or Canada can use Talkatone for free calls, messages and even MMS. It does not cost a single penny!Talkatone for pc

How does Talkatone work?

This application uses the concept of a reusable or temporary phone number. It involves a service known as Burner Phone. The users of Talkatone app get a free phone number from Burner Phone service. This phone number does not require its users to sign up for any cellular service or anything like that. It is just a temporary phone number assigned to its users. It is possible that after you dispose of a number, another individual may end up using it for themselves.

Once a users makes account on Talkatone, they are assigned a free phone number. This is not permanent therefore, it does not require any sort of registration. After signing up, pull up the number of your friends or family living in either US or Canada. Open the dial pad and make a call. Make sure that your phone is either connected to WiFi or cellular data service. It requires a working internet connection.


First thing worth mentioning is that calls  to Canada and US on Talkatone are totally free! You could be using a public WiFi hotspot for free. This is how easy and convenient it is. Moreover, the use interface is pretty good. The app features its own phone screen, dial pad, contacts list, text messaging and even photo messaging.

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The use of Talkatone also does come with limit. Unlike many other service, there is no limit on how many free minutes are available. It is actually unlimited. However, in order to support the developers, it has ads. If you find them annoying, just use the option in menu to turn off ads. It is going to cost some real money though.

Talkatone is not limited to phone calls only. Users can also send pictures in form of MMS to US and Canada numbers. This is actually cool feature to have.

Some other countries that are connected include Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Honduras.Talkatone for pc bluestacks

How to install Talkatone for PC

Free International calling is something too important to miss out on. Therefore, why limit it to just phones. This guide explains how to get Talkatone for PC on laptops and desktop computes. This works for MacBooks as well. Anyone can install Talkatone on computer and make free calls directly from there. First of all, download and install an Android emulator on your machine. Although Bluestacks is the most popular option, you can opt for one of the emulators mentioned HERE.

Once the emulator is up and running, either install Talkatone on PC via APK or Play Store. In order to install Talkatone for PC with APK, download it from any reliable source of your choice. Put it anywhere on PC. Open Bluestacks Emulator for example. Click on “Install APK” button. Navigate to the folder where you put it earlier. Double click on its icon and let APK Handler take it from here. Alternatively, login with Google account in Bluestacks and open Play Store. Search for “Talkatone” and click on Install next to correct icon.

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Once done, just access it from main app drawer. This is how to get Talkatone for PC on laptops and computers. This method works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

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