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Concerned about the your family’s safety? MobilePatrol App helps you keep a track of all the neighborhoods that your friends and family visit or live in. It has partnered up with security agencies through the country in order to deliver safety news to your instantly. The purpose of MobilePatrol is to make sure that important crimes related information does not get lost between other social posts on Facebook. It is driven by both the community and security agencies. These all come together to ensure everyone stays up to date with key information regarding security.MobilePatrol for pc windows 10

Add Multiple Neighborhoods

MobilePatrol has a social feed like most of social applications. However, what sets it apart is the fact that all of the content on this app is generated by either security agencies or community members that report incidents in their area. These could range from stuff like fallen trees on roads, roadblocks, sighting of a wanted criminal and other things like that. It reports anything that has got anything to do with your safety.

Since the country is so big and there are thousands of reports every day, you cannot filter the relevant ones easily. Therefore, MobilePatrol lets its users add their relevant neighborhoods. Just add the postal code and then assign a personal name to that area. It could be something like Parents’ house or Office. Make it as easy to understand as possible. Now the main feed in MobilePatrol is personalized with reports related only to these areas.

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This feature makes it easier to get relevant information as quickly as possible.MobilePatrol for pc laptop

Send reports to Agencies

The reporting feature in MobilePatrol makes sure that community can play its part too. What this does is that, whenever a user sees or observes something unusual, they report it to relevant authorities. Therefore, the people in charge can investigate and take immediate action. Moreover, these alerts / news appear on feed if verified. Consequently, the community members are making sure that everyone is safe!

Report stuff like missing children, a criminal, roadblocks etc. Optionally send pictures alongside the report to further strengthen your case.

View Public Records

It is another cool feature in MobilePatrol App. If someone has a doubt on a mysterious person in their neighborhood, just look up the public records like sex offenders, criminals wanted list, Inmates and warrants. These lists are personalized according to particular neighborhoods. Therefore, it is very easy to get this information out.

Moreover, you can view the missing children and child custody records. If you see a stray kid, do not just let it be. Investigate as it help someone out.MobilePatrol for pc

How to install MobilePatrol for PC on Laptop with Bluestacks

In order to use MobilePatrol for PC, go ahead and install an Android emulator first. Not sure where to find one or which one to go for? Then head over HERE and take a look at most reliable emulators. Compare them all and install the one most suitable for you.

Once the Android emulator is up and running, lets move on to installing MobilePatrol on PC. Either do this via sideloading APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading MobilePatrol APK from third-party source. Then just open the APK with emulator as preferred application. In order to install it via Play Store, login with Google Account, open Play Store, search for “MobilePatrol” and click on install next to MobilePatrol icon.

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Once all steps are done, you are free to use MobilePatrol PC on laptops and computers. This method works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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