Hopeless Land for PC and Laptop

When PUBG Mobile was announced last year, it drove the smartphone gaming industry in a whole new direction. PUBG was only announced and the mobile app stores were filled with 100s of games based on the concept of PUBG Mobile. Most of those games were nothing more than a ripoff. A few games offered an experience very close to PUBG Mobile. Hopeless Land is one of those games. Hopeless Land is not a very old game. It actually came out after PUBG Mobile. Gamers who do not like the aesthetics of the PUBG Mobile, this is the game they can play. Hopeless Land is a good replacement of PUBG Mobile for that matter. In this guide, I will show you how to download Hopeless Land for PC. Before installing Hopeless Land for PC, it is very important to learn more about this game.

Hopeless Land for PC

Hopeless Land – The fight for survival begins!

Hopeless Land Fight for Survival falls in the category of Mobile Battle Royale games. The core-concept of this game follows in the footsteps of games like PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, and others. However, the way things take place in this game is very different.

Yes, players will still make a landing to the ground by jumping off from a C-130, however, things change once you hit the ground. Players have to pick up the weapons first of all for their defense. They can break into abandoned houses, buildings, and parks to find the weapons. While finding weapons, they will also find clothes. The safety gear will be found somewhere on the ground too. Once you are fully equipped, you can start looking for the opponents. Buildings in this game are inspired by the old Asian theme. If you are a fan of Asian architecture, you are definitely going to love the surroundings in Hopeless Land.

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It’s all about Survival!

As you start looking for the opponents, the very first thing you have to keep in mind is that there are 99 other players on the ground. Unless you are a part of a team, you are going to be a target of all the 99 players. This is the fight for survival. You only have to worry about your very own self. The moment you see another player, take your gun out and shoot him down. In case you let someone go, the other person is not going to spare you. After killing the opponent, you can loot the leftovers. This is a good way to upgrade your gear.

Hopeless Land offers a very diverse map. You can travel through a large area looking for the enemies. A vehicle is needed to travel to other areas on the map. Players will find 10s of vehicles parked everywhere. They can pick up any vehicle and start driving around. This game also gives helicopters to the players. There are chairlifts. The modes of travel in this game are something that I was unable to find in other games of its category.

The characters in this game are highly customizable. When this game starts off, you have to set up your character first of all. You decide what shirt, pants, shoes, and mask your player is going to wear. Even the skin color of your character will be chosen by you right when the game starts.

Graphics and Performance

Like all games of its league, Hopeless Land Fight for Survival is also built out of 3D graphics. The developers have done a good job on the UI of this game. This game is built to run on the devices that have a low-end hardware. You do not have to worry about the hardware of your device to run this game. Its built for Android and iOS originally. If you are willing to run Hopless Land Fight for Survival on computer, you can do that too. As you scroll down, you will find the steps to download Hopeless Land Fight for Survival for PC.

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Hopeless Land for PC via Android Emulator

By this time, you should have a clear idea that there is no official version of Hopeless Land for computers. To play this game on a computer, you have to install its Android version. The Android version of games and applications can be installed on desktop PCs and Laptops via Android emulators. The best Android emulators are already listed on our site. For this very game, we are going to use the BlueStacks 4 and the Nox Player. Assuming that you have a clear idea about this and the Android App Players, we can now move on to the steps to install Hopeless Land for PC.

Hopeless Land for PC

Gamers can download Hopeless Land for PC on their Desktop PCs and Laptops. The game Hopeless Land for PC will run smoothly on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS and Mac OS X. Follow the steps below to get this game without any further ado.

This is how you will run Hopeless Land for PC on Windows and Mac.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download and install BlueStacks 4 or Nox Player.

If you are running Windows, you have to install BlueStacks 4. If you are on Mac, download and install Nox Player. After installation, open the emulator.

Set up BlueStacks 4 or Nox using your Google Account.

As you open emulator, it will ask you for Google Account. You can either use your existing account or a new account to set it up.

Open Google Play Store and install “Hopeless Land Fight for Survival”.

Now open Play Store in the emulator and search for the game. As the game appears, install it. It will take a few minutes as this is a big game. Make sure that you have a working internet connection.

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Open Hopeless Land Fight for Survival for PC and play it.

After installation, you can launch the game from Home Screen in BlueStacks 4 and from the App Drawer in Nox. As you open game, you will find the controls to play it. Play the game and see if you can survive. That’s all.


By now, my assumption is that you are successfully playing Hopeless Land Fight for Survival for PC on your computer. You must have seen that it is much more fun to play this game on a bigger screen. This is the best way to unleash the full potential of Hopeless Land. In case you have any queries regarding this game or regarding the installation procedure, feel free to reach out to me. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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