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MaskGun is an online competitive FPS game for both pro and amateur players. It offers great gameplay on top of good-enough visuals. Since this game is released for mobile platform primarily, therefore, the graphics are not comparable to consoles. However, the main focus of MaskGun Multiplayer FPS is on making the real-time shooting as fun as possible. Players can enjoy up to 3 different game modes as of now. These include the deathmatch, team deathmatch and even a more tactical bomb defusal mode.

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Easy-to-learn Controls and Gameplay

Since MaskGun is primarily released for Android, therefore, its controls are tailored for mobile users. However, in this guide, also shows how to download and play MaskGun on PC. This works for both Windows and Mac. The most suitable option for playing it on a computer is with Windows. The main reason is Bluestacks 3. It offers customizable keyboard controls and layouts. Therefore, the PC users can easily map the mobile touchscreen controls on their keyboard and mouse. It makes the game even more fun.

I think we all can agree upon the fact that FPS games are most fun when aiming with mouse. The controllers and touchscreen controls cannot even come close to it.

Multiple Game Modes

The fans of franchises like COD, Halo are going to love this game. It offers three of the most popular game modes for FPS that have ever existed. These include the DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Bomb Defusal game mode. While the fans of this genre are going to be familiar with these already, we are going to discuss these in a little detail anyway.

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The death match by definition is an open for all match where players can kill and get killed. The killed players get respawned every time. This goes on until either the timer finishes or someone reaches the max kills goal. The player with most kills at end of match time or one reaching max kills milestone before time ends. It can also be set in such a way that there is no time limit and just a kills target. Lets say 30 kills. Any player that achieves this number first, wins!

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Team deathmatch follow same suit however instead of individuals, there are two teams. At the end of time counter, the kills of each team are calculated and the one with most kills, wins. The team death match introduces the concepts of assists, and even feeding! All players have gone through a bad day when they just cannot stop feeding the opposing team.

Customizable Gear and Characters

Before heading into a multiplayer match in MaskGun, make sure to check your gear and customize it accordingly. Moreover, change the character’s appearance to stand out in the crowd and intimidate your opponents. For some players, these customizations can become their signatures. Therefore, it is vital to always be on the lookout for best gear and character customizations in MaskGun.

Free-to-Play and Global Clan Wars

In order to play MaskGun, nobody has to pay a single dime! It is totally free to play for everyone. Moreover, players can join or create their own clans. These clans represent certain groups of players worldwide. Once your clan is established and filled with good enough players, pit yourselves against other elite clans around the world. Fight the competition and become the best in the world!

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How to install MaskGun for PC

In order to download MaskGun for PC, you need a good Android emulator. That is because you can only run the Android version of this game on the computer. Android emulators make this possible. For Windows users, the best choice is the BlueStacks 4. For Mac users, the best choice is the Nox App Player.

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You can download the emulator or your OS from the download section below. After downloading the emulator, install it on your computer. Set up the emulator using a Google Account. After this, open the Play Store and search for “MaskGun”. As you find the game, install it. Since this is a big game, it will take a while to be installed. Once installed, launch the game and start playing it using your mouse and keyboard.

In case you were unable to find this game in the Play Store, you will have to look up to the internet for its APK. Download the MaskGun APK and install it manually. The method to launch this game will remain the same.



The method above outline two separate approaches for playing MaskGun for PC. Either install it direcly via Play Store or just use its APK. Either way, you’ll get to play it on Laptops and Desktop computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OSX.

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