How to download Candy Crush Friends Saga for PC Win/Mac

Not so long ago, one of the top games on Android and iOS was Candy Crush. It broke every record there was to. However, over the course, as new games came into market and people started getting bored of it. It not quite at the same level it once as. Candy Crush Friends Saga is the latest iteration this series. It is set to revive the beast of a game that it once was. Lets take at look at what Candy Crush Friends Saga is all about. At the end, also learn about how to play Candy Crush Friends Saga for PC.

Candy Crush Friends Saga for pc

New game modes in Candy Crush Friends Saga

Everyone would expect something new in this title. Otherwise, there would not be anything to play for. 

According to the developers, Candy Crush Friends Saga offers hundreds of new challenging levels. Moreover, it has a new friends system. These “friends” are actually Candy Crush characters hidden all over the map. These are collected along the way as players complete these levels.

Each friend in Candy Crush Friends Saga helps make new powers and boosters during gameplay. These boosts help clear up more candies in one go. This is actually big for more difficult levels. Players no longer have to rely on the previous methods of boosting through levels. Having friends is going to be a great help.

New game modes include Dunk the cookie in chocolate and freeing octopus and mammoths.

Candy Crush Friends Saga for pc win mac

New features in Candy Crush Friends Saga

Apart from the new “Friends” system, there is actually a lot more to look forward to. 

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By completing levels and rewards, players get to unlock cool and unique looking outfits. These unlocks also include some amazing collectibles. 

As a level is won, you get to see “Yeti the clown” and his companions perform a victory dance on screen. This is a neat little addition to enhance the visual experience. 

All the friends are available in a sticker book. Keep a track of all unlocked friends there. Moreover, once you unlock new outfits, give them a makeover!

Well, Candy Crush Friends Saga is played both online and offline. If playing offline, all progress is synced into the online account once user is connected to internet. It is a cool addition so nothing really can stop anyone from playing Candy Crush Friends Saga now!

Candy Crush Friends Saga for pc bluestacks

Download & Install Candy Crush Friends Saga for PC

This game is actually made available for Android and iOS systems. Therefore, in order to run Candy Crush Friends Saga on PC, indirect method is used. Do not worry though, the game runs even smoother on PC!

Candy Crush Friends Saga for pc

First of all, download and install an Android emulator. The most powerful emulator right now is Bluestacks 3. However, you must go through this list of emulators. Choose the one that suits your needs the most. This list contains pros and cons of all.

Once the emulator is up and running, there is only one step remaining in installing Candy Crush Friends Saga for PC. Either install it via APK or use Play Store. The former method requires downloading Candy Crush Friends Saga APK from a third party source. Once downloaded, open it with installed emulator as preferred application. It will install automatically and appear on app drawer.

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The latter method one requires a Google login in Android OS. Then head over to Play Store and search for “Candy Crush Friends Saga”. Click on Install next to the icon.

Well, this is how to install Candy Crush Friends Saga for PC. This works on any laptop or desktop computer running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

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