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A couple of thousand years ago, three sovereigns achieved the power of immortality. It is known that those three were the only ones to possess it until later on the Southern King got hold of it. However, since then, it has been shut away from the world. Tomb Survivor game follows the story of a King and his crew in search of this mysterious power. There are lot of conspiracies at action here. 

Tomb Survivor for pc


If someone is expecting a high-end, 3rd person gameplay, then this is not the one. However, Tomb Survivor is all about puzzle solving and unlocking the impossible secrets. The game camera is directly from above. Most of the game is designed around puzzle solving. 

Entire game is based in an abandoned tomb that is haunted by ghosts. These ghosts are of all sorts. They will attack and try to make you go astray. Therefore, be vigilant on every step. Trying to fight them every time is not the smart way to play.

The core of Tomb Survivor is puzzle solving. And there are tons of puzzles to solve! There are match puzzles, card-like games, and some pick lock kind. All in all, for a brain teaser, Tomb Survivor takes full points. Anyone who wants to work up their brain, this is the game to play.

Tomb Survivor for pc win mac


Lets get it straight. The graphics of Tomb Survivor are bang average. There is nothing special about it. The camera view from top. This also means that there are not special character animations.

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However, in cut-scenes, menus, upgrades, and other places, you get to see characters in action.

A true survival game

The crew of this king ended up in this tomb after their ship was wrecked in the storm. Therefore, do not expect to have lot of supplies at disposal. You got to make it what you have left.

New materials are obtained by doing in-game tasks. However, the rationing is the most important of all. Keep track of all the supplies and make sure that food is going to survive long enough. 

Tomb Survivor for pc bluestacks

How to install Tomb Survivor for PC Win/Mac

In order to download and play Tomb Survivor for PC, get an Android emulator first. We have compiled a list of most reliable emulators 
HERE. Have a look and select the best on for yourself.

Once the emulator is up and running, choose whether to install Tomb Survivor for PC via APK or Play Store. To install Tomb Survivor on PC via APK, download it from a third party website. Then open the APK with installed emulator as preferred application and it will install automatically. Otherwise, just login with Google account, open Play Store, search for “Tomb Survivor” and tap in Install next to icon.

That’s pretty much it! Now go and unlock hundreds of secrets hidden in the universe of Tomb Survivor. 

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