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Bring the anime dating to life in Shoujo City 3D. This game is based in a digital model of Tokyo city. The two main features of Shoujo City 3D are dating simulation and secondly sandbox style city exploring. It is a full on universe of its own. There are lot of activities to do in-game. This game is mainly focused on Otaku / Anime fans. From graphics to sound effects, everything seems very authentic.

Shoujo City 3D for pc win mac


The basic controls of Shoujo City 3D are for walking / running around. Other controls include using phone, interacting with objects and so on. Since it is primarily a simulator, therefore, there is nothing too fancy about the controls. 

The main game camera is a third-person. Therefore, overall feel of game is very immersive. It is not just one of those games where you press buttons to make conversations. Shoujo City 3D lets players hang out in the city all by themselves. Do stuff like shopping, swimming, adventure sports and what not! 

Players can take their girlfriends on dates of all sorts. It could be a plain date where they two just talk for hours or something unorthodox. Go for an adventure, shopping, dining or something just creative.

Shoujo City 3D for pc

Unique Girlfriends in Shoujo City 3D

Every player in Shoujo City 3D gets a unique girlfriend. Therefore, there is no singular formula to keep them happy. Each one has different likes and dislikes. It is up to the player to find them out and then take care of her. Do stuff that makes her happy and so on. This includes but is not limited to cooking food for her.

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As anyone would expect, the graphics of Shoujo City 3D are totally anime based. To be honest, the developers of Shoujo City 3D have done a pretty good job at it.

A side note, players can even date a pillow in Shoujo City 3D! Well, that is actually crazy. Dating an inanimate object inside a dating simulator.

Shoujo City 3D for pc bluestacks

How to install and play Shoujo City 3D for PC Win/Mac

The hardware requirements for Shoujo City 3D are pretty damn high. Not all phones can support it. Therefore, those who want to play Shoujo City 3D for PC on laptops and computers, follow the steps mentioned below. 

First of all, download and install an Android emulator. You can find the list of most reliable and lightweight emulators HERE. Go through the list and choose the one that suits your system the most. Once done, move on to next step.

In final step of installing Shoujo City 3D for PC, choose whether to do so via APK or Play Store. The first method definitely requires getting onto a third party website and downloading Shoujo City 3D APK for PC by yourself. Otherwise, install Shoujo City 3D on PC simply by logging into Play Store, searching for “Shoujo City 3D” and then tapping on Install next to its icon.

Well, that is pretty much it. Enjoy your life in virtual universe of Shoujo City 3D PC. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to leave that in comments below.

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