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Niantic made a big buzz in the gaming world with release of Pokemon Go. It exposed us to a whole new genre. And everyone totally went crazy for it! In the process of exploring its horizons, the developers have now their sights set on the popular series Harry Potter. With the release of Pokemon Go, many expected and requested for an AR game based on Harry Potter. It has basically got everything needed for a perfect AR game. The wait is finally over. Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the latest addition to this new genre.

The basic premise of Harry Potter Wizards Unite / Harry Potter Go Game is saving the Wizarding World from exposure in world of muggles. There are several reports of magical items appearing in various parts of muggle world. The curious ones are slowly starting to get the sniff of it. It won’t be long before even the most uninterested ones start to get the wind of it. Therefore, the duty to protect magical world hidden from muggles rest upon the shoulders of all witches and wizards across the world.Harry Potter Wizards Unite for pc laptop

Find Magical Items

Whenever there is a reported magical surge in an area, go and investigate. You will find something definitely out of place. Make sure to take control of the situation before any muggle can even get the sniff of it. Keeping wizarding world a secret is the most important thing for every witch and wizard. Also stay clear of the sights of cameras and people. It is easier than ever in this age to record movements of actions of people anywhere.

When you find the magical aberrations, use specific magical spells to lock them up. Clean up the mess and vanish from that area.

Interact with creatures from HP Universe

Explore the world and you may find some of the rarest creatures from HP universe. Learn to interact with these creatures and send them back to safety. We do not want anyone to know about this secret world. Otherwise, there will only be chaos and destruction.

Some of these creatures are hidden well while others are not afraid to come out. Anyway, none of these are safe unless they are back in Hogwarts. Therefore, use deductive skills to find out where they exactly are.Harry Potter Wizards Unite for pc

Discover mysterious artifacts and Unlock spells

Creatures are not the only concern. Lot of magical and very powerful / dangerous artifacts have moved out of place. While we do not know the exact reason for this anomaly, take care of this situation before they fall into wrong hands. Also use the mysterious artifacts to boost your power levels.

There are hundreds and thousands of spells that only high level wizards know of. Take this opportunity and unlock the most powerful and rarest spells in magical world. If you keep your search active, it won’t be long before you earn the status of a master wizard.install Harry Potter Wizards Unite for PC bluestacks

How to install Harry Potter Wizards Unite for PC

In order to download and play Harry Potter Wizards Unite for PC on laptops and desktop computers, follow these two main steps. The first step is to get an Android emulator. The most powerful emulator right now is Bluestacks 3. However, not everyone likes it. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive or alternatives that you can use. Check out the list HERE and select the best one for yourself. However it is possible that Harry Potter Wizards Unite may not work on some of these emulators.

Second step in instlling Harry Potter Wizards Unite for PC is downloading its APK. This is not necessary for all users. If someone has it available on their local Play Store, then feel free to download it there. Just login to Play Store, search for “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” and click on Install. This login, of course is for the emulator. Otherwise, just download Harry Potter Wizards Unite APK from a third party sources and open it with installed emulator as preferred application.

This is exactly how to download and play Harry Potter Wizards Unite for PC. If you have any queries, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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