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Bluetooth is one of the oldest methods to transfer files between two devices; particularly smartphones. It works but not fast enough. The latest tech allows devices with WiFi to transfer data at lightning fast speeds. It is tens of times faster than Bluetooth. CShare Transfer Files app is one of the many solutions. It offers easy to use interface to transfer files using WiFi Hostpot. Since it uses a device’s own hotspot, therefore, it does not require a WiFi router to connect to.

Transfer files super fast!

By super fast we mean, multiple Megabytes per second. The final speed mainly depends on the devices that it is running on. Therefore, there is no correct answer for how fast does CShare transfer files.

Another cool feature of CShare is the group sharing. Imagine a person who needs to share photos or videos of a night out with their group of friends. Sending them individually is going to take lot of time. If we share photos via WhatsApp, it lowers the quality. Therefore, use CShare to connect multiple devices at once. It removes the hassle of sharing with multiple people.CShare for pc laptop

What can you transfer?

Well, the most simple and basic answer is that it can transfer any file! Whether it is a song, a video, a picture or even an application.

For those who are wondering how can CShare transfer apps from one device to another, here is the explanation. Well, all apps on Android are installed via APKs. These are installer packages. In order to transfer an app from one device to another, CShare extracts the APK of that app and sends it to other device. On the receiving end, just open the APK, click on Install and that’s it! It removes the hassle of downloading an app multiple times.

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There is no such limit on the size of files that anyone can transfer on CShare. Therefore, do not worry about sending a super long video or something that is shot in a resolution like 4K. These videos take up lot of space!CShare for pc computer

How to install CShare for PC (File Sharing)

Installing CShare for PC requires two main steps. The first step is to set up and Android emulator. Since there are so many options out there, we have compiled a list of most suitable emulators to run CShare on laptops and computers. Check the list HERE. Once the emulator is installed on your machine, move on to next step.

Next up, choose whether to install CShare on PC via Play Store or APK. The former method works only for those who have; 1: A Google account set up on Emulator and 2: CShare is available in their region’s Play Store. In this case, just open Play Store inside emulator and search for “CShare”. Click on Install next to correct icon. If this method does not work for you, then download CShare APK from a respectable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Open Bluestacks or any other emulator you have installed, click on “Install APK” and navigate to the folder when APK was placed. Double click on it and it should install now.

That’s how you get CShare for PC on Windows or Mac PC. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Share any queries here too.

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