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WiFi Cameras are becoming more and more mainstream. These devices are designed for non-technical people to help secure their houses and small offices. V380 is an intelligent solution. It not only provides access of CCTV cameras over same network but via cloud as well. This means that even if someone is not in their house, they can view live feed from anywhere. All you need is the correct login information and a good internet connection.V380 for pc windows

Supported V380 WiFi Camera (CCTV) Features

Note that V380 app is not bound to a certain manufacturer or brand. Therefore, it works with any camera that has a unique ID or QR Code. The login and setup is pretty easy. Lets go through all the features that V380 app supports.

To name the most basic feature, V380 supports Live View / Live Feed. Not only do owners can monitor live video from same network but from anywhere else too. If the login and camera credentials are linked in the cloud, then it works anywhere.

This app also supports PTZ controls. It means that if the camera hardware supports Pan, Tilt and Zoom, then use it directly from app. Just click on the screen or swipe on it to look around. The design of this feature makes it feel pretty natural.

If the camera is compatible with alarm and motion sensors, then it works with V380 as well. Whenever there is an alarm or motion detected (at on times), it will record and save the footage for you. Moreover, each video is saved with timestamp. Therefore, it is easier for owners to find what they are looking for.

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Lastly, cameras with audio support and intercom also work. It supports two way chat. It is especially useful when someone wants to keep a check on their little kids. V380 for pc laptop

Increased Security

If there is enough storage available, then enable recording in V380 app too. It records the entire footage and it is saved locally.

However, if anyone worries about space or just does not trust the local storage, link it with a cloud storage. Note that this kind of service requires good upload speed. Otherwise, both the live feed and uploads will be disturbed.

How to install V380 for PC

Installing V380 for PC requires two main steps. The first step is to set up and Android emulator. Since there are so many options out there, we have compiled a list of most suitable emulators to run V380 on laptops and computers. Check the list HERE. Once the emulator is installed on your machine, move on to next step.

Next up, choose whether to install V380 on PC via Play Store or APK. The former method works only for those who have; 1: A Google account set up on Emulator and 2: V380 is available in their region’s Play Store. In this case, just open Play Store inside emulator and search for “V380”. Click on Install next to correct icon. If this method does not work for you, then download V380 APK from a respectable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Open Bluestacks or any other emulator you have installed, click on “Install APK” and navigate to the folder when APK was placed. Double click on it and it should install now.

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That’s how you get V380 for PC on Windows or Mac PC. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Share any queries here too.

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