Download Best VPN Proxy Betternet for PC – Win & Mac 2020

Protecting your identity online is becoming easier with the release of VPN apps like Betternet. Whether someone wants to just unlock geo restricted applications, websites, protect themselves on public WiFi or hide their online browising. Best VPN Proxy Betternet has got you covered. It offers real-time protection all sorts of online threats by encrypting all the traffic from your devices.

Betternet VPN for PC

Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites with Betternet

Lot of different countries have blocked sites like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp App, Spotify and others. These are literally some of the best things the internet has to offer. Therefore, in order to access these sites, download and install Betternet VPN Proxy on your devices to get free access. Moreover, the online speed is unaffected, thanks to its fast servers.

Keep your Data Encrypted

One of the main issues while browsing online is the risk of getting spoofed. Moreover, malicious users can intercept the traffic from your device and retrieve sensitive information. Therefore, Betternet VPN provides a wonderful solution that allows users to not only hide their online status, but encrypt the traffic as well.

The key use of this feature is while using public networks like office, cafes and hotels. Betternet does not require any special expertise to use. Therefore, anyone with basic knowledge can easily set it up and use it to their advantage.

Browser Internet at fast speeds

Unlike cheap VPN services, Betternet VPN Proxy allows users to maintain almost same speed as without VPN enabled. This means that, if someone wants to, for example stream some media, then they won’t see any drop in their speeds and have a peace of mind. 

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This is especially useful when using Betternet to browser movies and TV Shows online. Maintains the original connection speed to make sure that you keep browsing internet at fast speeds even while using Betternet VPN.

How to install Betternet for PC – Windows & Mac

There is one pre-requisite to installing Betternet Proxy VPN on any computer. This requires installing an Android emulator first. The most popular operating systems today are Windows and Mac. However, not all available emulators works for both systems. Therefore, we have compiled a list of emulators that work for either operating systems and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

First of all, head over to this page and install your preferred Android emulator. These work for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS and Mac OSX. 

Once the emulator is installed, either install Betternet for PC via Play Store or APK. In order to use Play Store, login with your Google account on the emulator. Otherwise, download Betternet APK from any reliable source and install it using emulator. It is more direct method and especially for those who do not want to use Google accounts.

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