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Ever since the Battle Royale genre became popular, titles like PUBG and Fortnite dominated the scene. However, there is a new game that’s blown competition out of the water. Apex Legends is a free to play Battle Royale game by EA. It is a mix of first person shooting, special skills per character and a team-based battle royale fights. Initially, it was available for consoles and PC. However, we finally have the Apex Legends Mobile version. It is the miniature version of original game but contains almost everything that its big brother offers. Since the original version of this game is not suitable for low-end computers, use this guide to download and install Apex Legends Mobile for PC. This works for Windows and Mac systems.

download Apex Legends mobile for pc

Play Apex Legends in squads of 3

Unlike every other BR out there, this game does not have a solo mode right now. In each game, players have to team up in squads of 3. There is no option to even play in solo squads. Either team up with random players or invite your friends for team up. This may seem like a bad feature first but it is actually cool when you play it. You never really get bored and there is always someone to revive you. Since the first elimination is not the end, if teammates can survive and take out opponent team, they can still revive fallen teammates with recover beacon/flag.

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Apex Legends has modes of communication. The first one of traditional voice chat. Either chat with teammates over discord or use the in-game voice chat. Usually, friends chat over discord while random players use in-game chat. However, the revolutionary way of communication is the Ping system. Press the ping key to let your teammates know of stuff like weapons, armours, grenades, helmets and even the location of enemies. This new ping system creates a marker on the map and shows location guidance on main screen. This removes the error and time it takes friends to let each other know of location of these things. It is something that other developers should take inspiration from.

Revolutionary Revive banner system

In every other BR, once a player is eliminated after being downed, their game is over. However, it is not the case in Apex Legends Battle Royale. First, a player is knocked down. Then can use a knockdown shield to protect themselves from enemies’ thrusting. If the enemy breaks through this shield, then player is eliminated but not from the game. There is a certain time limit in which teammates can collect the recover banner from eliminated teammates. Collect these before the time expires. Opposing players do not get the kill credit unless either time runs out of entire squad is wiped.

Once the banner is collected, take it to the revival pod. These are located across the map. The eliminated teammate may use ping system to let his friends know the location of nearest pod. Go there and use the revive button to bring your teammates back to life. The newly revived teammates come down in a jet. Upon arrival, they have to loot everything once again.

This whole revival system is so good that even the Fortnite players want it now! This is one of the best and most demanded additions to this game.

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Collect the Loot

The most necessary loot items are shield, helmet, gun and healing items. Make sure that you always land in an isolated area to get uncontested loot. Wingman is one of the most OP guns in this game. Use this gun to take down opponents with precise headshots. Apart from the pistols, there are shotguns like Peacemaker and some auto and semi auto guns. This also includes some burst rifles.

In addition to basic loot, look out for items like phoenix kit, med kits, Gold and blue shield (level 2 and 3), grenades and even the knockdown shield. When an enemy is eliminated, all of their items are available in a box. They do not need to be fully killed beyond recover banner to get loot. Just down them beyond knockout and get all the loot.

The Champions

At start of each match, you get a screen for character/champion selection. Initially, there are only 8 of these characters. However, more should be added to the game in future. The most popular ones are Pathfinder, Wraith, Mirage and bloodhound. Each of these characters have their unique skills. For example, wraith can create portal for instant travel. Either use the instant skill or collect energy for the special skill. The special move and quick skills are both available after enough time for reload. The normal skill is usually regenerated after 8 seconds. The special skill takes more time.

Once a teammate has selected a champion/character, other teammates cannot get it. Players are randomly put in turns for character selection. You could be the first or the last one to select. It varies in each match.

When launching on to the map, there is only jumpmaster, Initially, other two must follow the jumpmaster. They do not have to press any key. Just follow the lead. A short while before landing, you can detach and change landing spot.

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How to install Apex Legends Mobile for PC Win/Mac

In order to get Apex Legends Mobile on PC, we need an Android emulator. The most popular choice right now is Bluestacks 4. It offers great performance and customization. Use the custom key mapping to map keyboard and mouse keys for the game. Set the movement keys as WASD and use the mouse for looking around with keys for shooting and aiming. Follow the steps below to install and play Apex Legends Mobile version on laptops and desktop PCs. This should run smoothly on low-end computers.

Follow the steps below to install and play Apex Legends Mobile for PC.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download and install BlueStacks 4 or Nox Player.

Those of you running Windows can install the BlueStacks 4. Mac users can install the Nox Player. Here is the guide to install both these. Open the emulator after installation.

Add your Google Account to BlueStacks 4/Nox Player.

As you open the emulator, it will ask you to add your Google Account. If you already have an account, add it. Create a new account otherwise. After adding Google Account, open the Play Store in emulator.

Look for “Apex Legends” in the Play Store.

In the Google Play Store, search for Apex Legends. As the game appears in search results, install it. It will now appear on the Home Screen of BlueStacks 4 and in the App Drawer of the Nox Player.

Install Apex Legends Mobile APK on Bluestacks or Nox manually.

In case the Play Store is not working or someone does not want to use it, download the Apex Legends Mobile APK manually. Open it with either Bluestacks or Nox as preferred application. It will handle rest of installation.

Open the game and play it using Mouse/Keyboard.

Launch the game now. The emulators will show you the keys to play it. Set up your Mouse and Keyboard to get the best experience of Apex Legends Battle Royale on your PC. That’s all.

That’s pretty much it. You can now enjoy Apex Legends Mobile version on computers and laptops.

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