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This is the tutorial to download Xfinity xFi for PC. The Xfinity xFi is an Xfinity Stream companion application. If you are running Xfinity Stream for PC, you must get the Xfinity xFi for PC as well.

Comcast released the internet / TV / Online Streaming service known as Xfinity not so long ago. It is already one of the biggest services out there. The fact that you can get fast internet, Live HD TV, TV on demand and TV shows/movies streaming under one subscription, is amazing! Xfinity xFi is a must have application for the customers of Xfinity Internet. It makes managing your home network as easy as download Xfinity xFi for pc

The key objective of creating this application is to make managing WiFi easier than ever. You do not even have to be a technical person. All the controls and overall UI is super easy. Things like parental locks, monitoring internet usage and even controlling internet usage on device is super easy. Lets dig deep and see what this app is all about.

Take complete controls of WiFi with Xfinity xFi

This is not an exaggeration. It is actually true. Before moving further, lets have a look at how to set it up.

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How to set up Xfinity xFi

Just download the Xfinity xFi app on laptop or computer. Then turn the Xfinity xFi Gateway upside down and capture QR code there. This is like a login. You do not need a separate username or password. It is as simple as it gets. Once QR is scanned, you xFi app will show all the information regarding your home network. Whether it is online or offline, who’s connected, who’s using it and so on.Xfinity xFi app for pc

Change Password and SSID ( WiFi Name)

In order to do so, just to the settings, and at the top, you’ll see current WiFi name. Click on edit to change it to anything else. Moreover, you can either view the current password or just change it completely.

Also do not forget to turn on the Protected Browsing option in Xfinity xFi on. It can make some difference when it comes to known malware and spyware.

Easy to set up Parental Controls with Xfinity xFi

If there is a young child in the house, then it is almost impossible to keep them away from phones and tablets. Since they see everyone using it, they are eventually going to want it too.

Therefore, in order to keep your kids safe online and protect them form watching some bad content, set parental controls on websites. This is pretty easy to do since it does not involve any technical steps.

Moreover, either by creating profiles or by just selecting specific devices, you could turn on the parental controls optionally. This means that the parental locks do not need to be on all devices.time controls Xfinity xFi for pc

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Pause WiFi or use Time restrictions

It is usually pretty hard to get all the family members off of their phones and tablets when WiFi is so good. Therefore, Xfinity xFi allows the admin to either pause WiFi for all users or just do it for selected people.

Moreover, parents can set up time restrictions for devices that their kids use. For example, allow them to use WiFi only for 2 hours in the evening. Apart from that time, WiFi should remain blocked on those devices.usage graphs Xfinity xFi for pc

Easily manage all devices with Xfinity xFi

The coolest feature of Xfinity xFi app is the devices management. Most of the routers’ applications provide this feature. However, it does not work as well as this one.profiles Xfinity xFi for pc

Create Profiles

This is a very unique and creative feature. What is does is that the admin can create different profiles with nicknames according to the members in house. Then assign their devices under their profile names.

Once done, you can just see the graphs of how much time each person is spending with WiFi combined on all their devices. You could do things like pausing all of their devices’ WiFi, setting up time restrictions or just pausing individual devices. Pause them for a certain time to be unpaused automatically or just unpause it on your own time.pause devices Xfinity xFi for pc

The admin will always get notified when a new device gets connected to your WiFi. You don’t recognize it? Just block it!

Set up xFi Pods with Gateway with Xfinity xFi App

If the house is quite big or it has multiple floors, then a single router can never keep everyone connected. Thus, the xFi Pods come into play.

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These are wireless devices that make it easier to extend the WiFi capabilities of current router to anywhere in your home. Use multiple Pods and controls them all using Xfinity xFi app.xfi pods Xfinity xFi for pc

How to install Xfinity xFi for PC on Laptops and Desktops

Well, there are a lot of good reasons to get this application. However, it is officially available for Android and iOS. Therefore, if someone wants to use Xfinity xFi on PC, then follow this guide.

Note that this works for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. Moreover, you need a webcam to scan the QR Code once. Rest of the functions work same way.


  1. Download and install Bluestacks 4 on your PC. Download it HERE.
  2. Next up, download Xfinity xFi APK from HERE.
  3. Put the APK on your desktop.
  4. Now open Bluestacks 4 and click on the Install APK button as shown here.install apk on bluestacks 4
  5. Navigate to the folder where APK is placed.
  6. Open it and Bluestacks APK Installer will take it from here.
  7. Once done, you will be notified.
  8. Now just go the app drawer of Bluestacks and click on Xfinity xFi App logo.
  9. Alternatively, you could also download Xfinity xFi app on Bluestacks using Play Store.

That’s pretty much how to get Xfinity xFi for PC. It works with all laptops and desktop computers that meet the given criteria. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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