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Xfinity Voice service by Comcast replaces the traditional landline phones. It is commonly known as Xfinity Connect Residential Subscription. It is usually a part of the full network set up at homes. Therefore, just like many other service, Xfinity Connect App is here to extend the features of this service.Xfinity Connect for pc app

Normally, anyone would receive their calls on traditional phones at home. However, with the use of Voice2Go on Xfinity Connect App, anyone can receive their calls even when they are not home. We thought this app could have another brilliant use. What if someone wants to get calls on their laptops or computers. Therefore, follow this guide to install and use Xfinity Connect for PC.

Xfinity Connect App Features

The main services included in this package are Email, phone and Voicemail. Lets see how it can assist these services. Moreover, note that only Xfinity Voice Residential Unlimited subscribers can use it.

text message Xfinity Connect for pc appText Messaging

Xfinity Connect App allows its users to send and receive text messages on the go. With this app, people can use just send the messages directly from laptops and computers, and it will send via the home Xfinity Connect number. How cool is that.

Oh another thing. Users can send and receive free text messages from over 40 countries.

email Xfinity Connect for pc appManage Emails

Every subscriber can have their personal Email address. This is not a very wanted feature yet good to have. It is especially worth it when you want you do not want to use main Email Address on some shady service or website.

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Manage the Inbox, send and receive Emails directly from Xfinity Connect Application.

voice2go Xfinity Connect for pc appPhone Calls, Voicemails, Call Logs

This is the highlight of Xfinity Connect. Users are not bound to using the phone at home only. By getting this application, use the home number from laptop or mobile phone. Moreover, you can get all the voicemails, transcripts of those voicemails, view call logs and make calls!voicemail Xfinity Connect for pc app

Manage stuff like setting call forwarding option on or off. This feature is called Voice2Go. By installing Xfinity Connect on PC, use Voice2Go on laptops and computers.contacts Xfinity Connect for pc app

And yeah one more thing. You do not have to worry about remembering all the numbers or writing them down in a diary. Xfinity Connect App saves and organizes all the contacts for you.

How to install Xfinity Connect for PC

Before proceeding, make sure that your PC is running one of these operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.


  1. Download and install Blusetacks 4 from HERE.
  2. Then download Xfinity Connect APK. Place it anywhere on your PC. Get it HERE.
  3. Open Bluestacks and click on Install APK as shown here.install apk on bluestacks 4
  4. Then navigate to the folder where APK is placed.
  5. Open it and Bluestacks APK Installer will take it from here.
  6. Alternatively, open Play Store in Bluestacks, search for “Xfinity Connect” and click on Install next to its icon.
  7. Once done, you can find the Xfinity Connect icon in app drawer.

That’s pretty much how to get Xfinity Connect for PC. This guide works for all laptops and desktop computers with recommended settings. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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