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Now easily run gcMOB for PC. This is a remote surveillance application to monitor IP, Network, DVR, and CCTV cameras. With gCMOB PC, you can keep a check on your cameras using your computer. gCMOB for PC will run seamlessly on any Windows or macOS-powered computer.

About gCMOB

The users of CP Plus devices for surveillance and security need a companion app. gCMOB is an all-in-one solution. It offers complete compatibility for IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs and Video Door Phones made by CP Plus. It may be possible to use this hardware with third-party applications that support IP Cameras. However, it may not run the hardware at its full capability. Therefore, it is best to use the official app for it. An added advantage of using official hardware with the compatible app is the fact that every surveillance tool is accessible from the same place. Moreover, you get more accurate notifications on time.gcmob for pc

How to use CP Plus IP Cameras with gCMOB App

The IP cameras by CP Plus come equipped with mainly three installation methods. These include wired connection, wireless connection, and cloud login. The first two methods are used when both cameras and apps are running on the same network. Otherwise, it may not recognize the hardware. The cloud login just works from anywhere. Just use the unique login details and IP address of each CCTV inside app. This allows watching the live feed from anywhere as long as the camera is connected to the internet.

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Similarly, in order to add the Video Door Phone hardware, simply go into Add Device or Install device option, select connection options, and boom! That’s pretty much it. This is one of the reasons it is so easy to use the official companion app instead of a third-party app.

gCMOB Features

The official CP Plus IP Cameras come equipped with features like PTZ controls, two-way intercom, digital zoom, recording in DVR, real-time feed and recording, screenshots and snaps, QR codes for adding a device to the network and even digital zoom.

The live preview window can show up to 16 cameras at once! Now, in order to use this feature, a phone’s screen is definitely not enough. Therefore, install gCMOB on PC and get full use out of it on either a laptop or desktop monitor.

How to install gCMOB for PC

  1. Go ahead and install an Android emulator first.
  2. The best emulators are listed HERE.
  3. Check this out and select the best one for yourself.
  4. Once done, choose whether to install gCMOB for PC via APK or Play Store.
  5. In the case of the former method, download gCMOB APK.
  6. Otherwise, log in to Play Store, search for “gCMOB” and click on Install.gcmob for pc
  7. That’s pretty much how to get gCMOB for PC.gcmob for pc

gCMOB for PC Video Guide

gCMOB Alternatives

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