Download Xfinity Stream for PC Windows and macOS

This is the tutorial to download Xfinity Stream for PC. The guide explains the process to install Xfinity Stream for PC on Windows and macOS-computers.

Xfinity Stream App for PC
Running Xfinity Stream on Windows 10 using BlueStacks

Xfinity Stream – Brief Review

Xfinity is an internet company that offers TV as well. This is called Xfinity TV. However, in this particular post, we are discussing the Xfinity Stream App. For those who are not familiar with this service, here is a brief background.

Xfinity Stream is an online streaming service for over 250 channels including both HD and SD quality. These channels include the likes of CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. Most of the local US channels are included in this lineup. Apart from Live TV, users are also free to watch their favorite shows and movies via the Xfinity Stream service.

Xfinity Stream App for pc download free

Xfinity Stream customers can rent their favorite movies and watch them at HD quality online. The Xfinity Stream app is a portable version of this online service. It offers freedom to users to take their TV with them everywhere. It is usable on any internet service. This app is currently available for both Android and iOS. This guide explains how to install the Xfinity Stream App on laptops and computers for a better experience.

The goal of this method is to allow users to watch their favorite shows on not just their mobile phones but on PC as well. It is actually better than using a browser because of an improved and reliable user interface of an application.

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The main objective of the Xfinity Stream app is to allow users to stream their shows literally anywhere. It is an ultra-portable solution for watching TV live. However, this app packs a lot of features that go under the radar and make the overall experience amazing. Let us explore these features. You may learn about something you do not already know!

  • Xfinity Stream works on any internet connection. It may be cellular or another WiFi hotspot. Users do not need only Xfinity internet connection to use Xfinity Stream App.
  • There’s a show that you want to watch? But it has already aired? No problem. Xfinity Stream App lets you watch “shows on-demand”. Just go ahead and search for your show, and place an order for it. It’s as simple as that. Never miss your favorite show again!
  • Going somewhere? Want to watch your show on a flight? Well, Xfinity Stream App lets users download their shows for offline viewing. This, of course, applies for on-demand shows only. Since it cannot download shows that have not aired yet. This feature makes it easy to watch shows on our own free times.
  • Xfinity DVR offers a recording feature. This feature is for when some show is live and you cannot watch it at that time. Just press the record button and it will save on DVR for watching later on. Xfinity Stream App adds to it by allowing users to watch the recordings saved on their DVR from anywhere. This is an incredible feature to have! Maybe record a show at night and just watch it in free time at work the next day.
  • Mark your favorite shows and TV channels on the main setup. These settings will sync automatically withing the Xfinity Stream App. It makes it way easier to track the favorite shows, sports teams and more.
  • The search function for shows whether is available for viewing on-demand right now or will it be aired soon. You can download it for offline viewing if it is available on-demand. Otherwise, just record the show when it is aired and watch it later on.
  • When using Xfinity Stream App with the in-home Xfinity WiFi, you can watch the entire on-demand library included in your subscription at no extra charges.

Xfinity Stream Subscription Details

In order to use Xfinity Stream Service, users need to get subscribed to either any TV Packaged offered by Xfinity or just subscribe to Xfinity Instant TV. Those who are buying the double pay package (both internet and TV) can get as low as 10 channels and as high as more than 250. Here is the list of some featured channels.

Xfinity Stream App live channels list

As it is visible from the image, it includes the likes of HBO, CBS, FOX, NBC, STARZ, Disney and more. This shows only the featured channels. In actual, the Xfinity Stream app has over 250 live channels.

On-Demand TV shows and Movies – Xfinity Stream

Just to be clear, the Xfinity Stream customers can watch on-demand shows only from the channels that they are subscribed to. For example, if someone is subscribed to HBO, then they can watch Game of Thrones on-demand for free! Another example is The Big Bang Theory from CBS channel.

Xfinity Stream App on demand shows and movies

Why install the Xfinity Stream on PC?

Some might be thinking that why even bother to install Xfinity Stream App on a laptop or computer when we can just use it via Google Chrome for example. However, there are 2 major features to miss out on in that case.

When using the Xfinity Stream app, users are free to download their favorite shows to watch even when offline. It does not require an internet connection in that case. Moreover, if someone is subscribed to Xfinity DVR service, then watch recording directly from the laptop. All of this applies of course when someone is traveling or just likes to prefer a laptop for watching shows and TV in general.

So there you have it! Now, let us take a look at what is the easiest way to install the Xfinity Stream App on PC.

A quick guide to downloading Xfinity Stream for PC via Play Store

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your computer. Open the emulator and log in using your old or new Google Account.’
  2. Now, open the Play Store in BlueStacks, find Xfinity Stream and install it.
  3. Open Xfinity Stream in BlueStacks, log in using your Xfinity Account and enjoy! That’s it.

Method 2 to download Xfinity Stream for PC


How to install Xfinity Stream on PC using Bluestacks

These are the detailed steps to download the Xfinity Stream app for PC on Windows or macOS.

  1. Install BlueStacks Emulator and log in.

    First of all, install the BlueStacks Emulator using the guide given above with the download. Open BlueStacks and log in using your old or new Google Account.

  2. Open the Xfinity Stream APK via BlueStacks.

    Right-click on the downloaded Xfinity Stream APK and click on “Open via BlueStacks”. The APK installation will start now.Xfinity Stream for PC

  3. Wait for Xfinity Stream to be installed.

    Xfinity Stream’s installation progress will be on your screen. Wait for it to end.
    Xfinity Stream for PC

  4. Open BlueStacks and launch Xfinity Stream.

    Now open the emulator again and go to Home Screen or All Apps. You will find Xfinity Stream’s icon there. Open the Xfinity Stream app now.Xfinity Stream for PC

  5. Log into Xfinity Stream and enjoy it!

    Now sign in to the Xfinity Stream app using your Xfinity subscription and watch your desired content. That’s all.

Final Words

In order to use Xfinity Stream PC any time, just open Bluestacks, click on the app’s icon and that’s it. Make sure that you are connected to internet to make it work. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.


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