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It’s all about lightning-fast reflexes in Vivid Games’ latest, Mayhem Combat Fighting Game. When it comes to action title, Vivid Games is a renowned Game Studio. It is known for some of the popular games and a recent game, Space Pioneer received quite a positive response from the gamers. The latest, Mayhem Combat Fighting Game has recently made its way to the app stores. If you are into action games, get over to the play store and install Mayhem Combat Fighting Game on your Android devices. Moreover, a little effort on your end and the instructions provided here can help you take this amazing game to big screens. We have come up with this guide to shed some light on the game as well as help you download Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC and Laptops.Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC

It is quite easy to install Mayhem Combat Fighting Game on PC and Laptops. However, note that Vivid games hasn’t officially released the game for the aforementioned devices. Therefore, you will have to install the Android Emulators to play Mayhem Combat Fighting Game on big screens. Android Emulators are third-party apps that let you install the Android OS on your PCs and Laptops. Now before we jump off to the instructions and show you how it’s done, here’s a bit on the gameplay and key features. Starting with the basics, although categorized as action, there is more to Mayhem Combat Fighting Game than just spraying bullets.


The game is what every action fans dream of, there are 1v1 melees, stages full of death traps and a number of arenas to showcase the skills. You can start off by choosing a character to represent yourself. Mayhem Combat Fighting Game comes with a range of different characters, from powerful muscle guys to all-round fighter and even disco dancers, you can pick anyone. Then comes the weapons part, aside from the powerful rifles, there are elements, which you can use to make them more effective. Moreover, you can also make use of the burning barrels and death traps by pushing the enemies upon them.Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC

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Next is to pick your favorite game mode and start the journey to the top. However, if want to get better, start by playing the Single-Player mode. It consists of series of missions, where you learn the ins and outs of the deep fighting system. The Special Modes are all about real-time battles against players from around the world. You can compete in the traditional 1v1 melee battles or engage in chaotic team based brawls. The mechanics are refined and test your ability to survive against the best. Uniquely styled visuals on the basis of the unreal engine 4 is what you will experience.

All these features and an intense gameplay make Mayhem Combat Fighting Game one of the best action games out in the app store. It is free and if you have made up your mind, let’s see how you can download Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC and Laptops.

How to Download and Install Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC – Windows & Mac

Mayhem Combat Fighting Game is free and you can easily install it on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 running PC/Laptops and OS X powered Macbook/iMac following the instructions provided below.

  1. First, download and install the Android Emulator of your choice, here’s how you can Install Android Emulators to run Apps for PC.
  2. After successfully downloading and setting up the Emulator, launch it.
  3. Now in the first row of installed apps, look for Google play store search menu.
  4. Upon locating the search menu type, Mayhem Combat Fighting Game to get Google play store’s search results.
  5. From the search results, select Mayhem Combat Fighting Game and click on it to initiate the installation.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you’ll find Mayhem Combat Fighting Game in All Apps section.
  7. That’s it, just click on Mayhem Combat Fighting Game to run it on big screens.
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In case you are facing any issue getting Mayhem Combat Fighting Game for PC, let us know in the comments section below.

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